durability issues with ProV1 and ProV1x

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By Avery S

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  1. Avery S

    Avery S
    Three Forks, MT

    ProV1x and i have been inseparable since i've become a plus handicap because of its consistency from tee to green, but having to switch balls after any 50+ yard wedge shot has become more and more difficult.  not just on my wallet, but on my game as well. its tough to part ways with a ball after a good hole, but with the tears I'm putting into the covers, i really have no choice as I'm seeing it slightly affect my ball flight off the tee and my confidence looking down at a big cut in the ball as well.  the same go's for the more durable ProV1, and these cuts are coming from worn-grooved wedges and even well struck short iron shots (712 MB) I've found more durable golf balls elsewhere in the market, but really don't want to part ways with titleist and begin a whole new confidence process with a new brand of golf ball.  is this a fluke?  or is this a problem with many better-players who use titleist golf balls?  price is also an issue as i stated earlier... (i'm going through at least 6 balls per 18-holes)  any suggestions???

  2. P Ford

    P Ford
    Memphis, TN

    I recently bought a sleeve of prov1xs from my local course golf shop and took them out to play. After I hit my tee shot all i had was a wedge to the green (a short par 4). As I walk up to the green after hitting an ok 56* (kinda scooped it) i mark my ball on the green and examine my ball to bind that the covering was peeling or had some loose "strands". I was shocked after only hitting two shots that this would happen! Arent provxs supposed to be sturdy? If anyone else has had this happen please let me know. Is it something to do with the grooves on my wedge or something with the ball? Thanks

  3. Don C

    Don C
    Framingham, MA

    You must be using a wedge with a sand face for extra bite.  Of course they will show pieces of the cover being used

    with that type of clubface. 

  4. Team Titleist Staff

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate hearing what our Team Titleist members have to say and it's helpful to hear about the different experiences.  As for your questions on the Pro V1x cover, here is a little more background information.

    The cover of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x features Urethane, a soft material that transmits a softer sensation to the hands and provide more scoring spin than Surlyn-covered golf ball models. The Pro V1 and Pro V1x are designed primarily to maximize scoring spin and feel for higher overall performance.

    New irons and wedges will all have a tendency to shear the golf ball (for some people) because the grooves are new and sharper. The shear affect does vary from player to player and the characteristics of a player's swing in combination with the design of their higher lofted clubs can also have a major impact on abrasions due to iron shots (called "shear damage").  If you tend to be steeper on your attack, you may see more shearing then if you were more shallow. 

    Feel free to send me a PM if you have any additional questions. Thanks again.

    - Mike

  5. Bert B

    Bert B
    Spring, TX

    Why do Velocity  scuff up  more that Pro-V  or the old NXT, I'm a 8  / 9 handicap  so I usually make good swings and contact, just after a few holes the white paint  chips  or scuffs up...Not sure if effects the ball  but hard to look at   so I replace   that gets expensive after a while.. Did Titleist use different paint / cover material   ???

  6. Don C

    Don C
    Framingham, MA

    Spend the money on lessons, and use Titleist Balls.  They are the best ball, unless you use a rock, they

    don't cut and they stop dead when they land.  The pro and low handicap golfers seem to use the same ball

    for the whole round, and they smash it, on every shot.  You must be doing something wrong.


  7. Lee W

    Lee W
    Avon, OH

    Of course, great balls. But lets get it right, the pro's change their ball every two to three holes.

    The ProV1x and Pro V1 do shear of the face of a wedge occasionally, but nothing like the old balata balls! Playing those was expensive!

    What is interesting is that the majority of the current players have not changed to the new Pro V's.. I personally prefer the new V1x to the old

  8. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    Don C said:

    Spend the money on lessons, and use Titleist Balls.  They are the best ball, unless you use a rock, they

    don't cut and they stop dead when they land.  The pro and low handicap golfers seem to use the same ball

    for the whole round, and they smash it, on every shot.  You must be doing something wrong.


    In the OPs (Avery S) first line, he said he was a PLUS handicapper. So, it's doubtful he needs lessons on how to hit a golf ball properly. I don't think he is doing anything wrong, but instead, hitting down on and compressing the ball with enough swing speed to cause a soft urethane cover to scratch up a bit. It is very common. Typically, a small scuff like this doesn't affect the ball. However, once the ball really starts to get scratched up, it has to be replaced. Tour pros replace balls throughout the round as necessary. It's the nature of the beast. The better you are, the more likely you are to cut up the ball with well struck wedge shots.
  9. Skylar T

    Skylar T
    Coral Springs, FL

    Ya, pro V's and other high quality golf balls have a thin cover so they get cut up much easier.  Usually the cuts come from miss hits and hitting trees and cart paths ect.  Do yourself a favor and buy a ball retriever. Use the the prov's when your playing a round or tournament and the other ones when you practice.. thats what I do.

  10. brian p

    brian p
    south salem, OH

    Hay AVERY.S its no fluke I've used prov1x balls for years and I'm always scuffing them up with my wedge shots.Did the same thing the other day took out brand new x teed off on short par 4 had about 20 yards left to flag pulled out my new 52 degree vokey wedge to hit a little low one hop and check and it destroyed the cover, but man it sure did check up.I guess its the price you pay to get a ball thats long off the tee and to check up on the greens. As far as these guys saying we are doing something wrong with our swing I DONT THINK SO and BTW PGA PROS are always changing balls.Sorry I dont have any good suggestions. I've tried other urethane balls and they do the same thing.

  11. Carlo Angelo

    Carlo Angelo
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    I agree with the most here. The Prov's does scratch of with well hit wedges (irons). Its just a price we all have to pay for using good golf balls. When playing tournaments or important matches always use fresh Prov's at your expense, when just practicing have a good balance of new and slightly used Prov's.

    As consulation to everyone... when you scratch off a ProV, it just means that you hit a good shot. Be happy about the shot that you just hit. Don't get disappointed with what happened to the ball.

    Enjoy and Happy Golfing!



  12. I play the prov1x and love it's performance. However I will agree that the durability is an issue. I've come to the conclusion that generally players with higher swing speeds and more ball compression will produce marks and scuffs on the ball with a crisply hit wedge or short iron. These wedge marks don't really affect the ball any until maybe there becomes so many imperfections. A ball will last me about 7-12 holes before it becomes hard to play with. Despite this, I have yet to find another ball that performs as well as the prov1x for me.
  13. Richard F

    Richard F
    Hillsborough, NJ

    I’ve noticed the cover is significantly less durable this year than years past. I am seriously considering changing to another ball because of it. I’m quite upset about it as I’ve been hitting Titlest X1s for years.
  14. I thought the 2013 version (which I kept playing even after the 2015 came out) was extremely durable, just about the toughest ball I’ve ever used. The 2017 model is more like the pre-2013 ProV1x, not too easily damaged but it will get nicked up quicker than the 2013.
  15. Been playing the ProV1 all summer and not one problem. Have newer Vokeys and hit my wedge shots pretty steep and hard. They usually last 2-3 rounds for me unless I lose one. Guess everyone is different. IMHO, Titleist makes the best balls. A Lifer.
  16. I've read all the posts, and realized all of them were from 2012 except the previous post which is been posted currently.

    Personally I found the current Pro V1 to hold up better than previous gen balls. Granted my 54* and 58* have noncorming grooves, were refinished before the season started, and they will tear any cover off any ball on the market (literally any ball, Top Flight to Pro V). But besides my 2 wedges I find "personally" that he current gen is the most durable cover yet. I hope the next gen ProV holds up as well, and if it's even better, than awesome.
  17. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The newer the wedge the sharper the grooves. For those who put a lot of spin on the ball, you can find that the balls will definitely peel and have for a number of years. Pros change their balls often during a round and their wedges often during the year to get that edge. The new Vokey SM7s have even a higher spin. I am a picker not a digger so I do not have this problem. If I do happen to go steep with a wedge I can find material in the grooves of the wedge.
    Mike is dead on. This would be true with any manufacturers premium ball.
  18. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Warsaw, IN

    I will say that I have found the newest iteration of the ProV1 and ProV1x to be very durable. If you hit one off the cart path or bank one off the tree, then you will see wear with any ball. I have not experienced what is referenced above with wedge shots.
  19. I don't play either of the Pro Vs (I play the TruSoft) so I have no experience with their covers and durability. However, when one of my TruSofts get a scuff by hitting a cart path, tree, etc. I have a bit of a trick I use. I have a small nail clipper that happens to have a small, fine-ish file blade that I will use to smooth out the rough edges. Now his won't make the cover perfect but it does smooth out the edges. I can't speak to any difference in performance because at 70 yrs old my game is not at a real high level, but I don't notice any drop-off in my performance with a cleaned up TruSoft. This trick may also help those with a budget issue to use their Pro Vs for an extra round or two. Fairways and greens.

    Mark F
  20. I switched to the AVX this summer, and I find it gets banged up more than the ProV1s. That being said, I can still get a couple rounds out of one ball. Luckily, I don't lose very many, so durability is an issue.
  21. I've played a Titleist golf ball for 40+yrs wheather the 100 compression dt or now the prov1 there going to get scuffed it's going to happen. Ill use those balls for chipping or they go into my shag-bag always a use for them
  22. Within the past year I have switched over to the ProV1, and have been really pleased with the durability. Used the same ball for about a round and a half before I even began to notice any markings on the cover.
  23. Richard F

    Richard F
    Hillsborough, NJ

    I’ve been playing V1xs for years and I know they change them every year or two. The version for 2018 was definitely a much softer cover and not nearly as durable as past years. I’m sure titleist won’t miss my business guy if the 2019 version is the same soft cover I will change. The question is ....to what?
  24. Mark V

    Mark V
    Knoxville, TN

    I was searching about durability issues with the new Pro V1, and came across this discussion. I have noticed through a dozen and a half of the 2021 Pro V1 that the durability is not up to par with the previous version. I love the Pro V1, but am considering trying other options. I played yesterday, and on the third hole (playing with a new ball) hit a drive down the right center of the fairway. When I got to the ball I could see a couple small gashes on the ball. It didn't hit any rocks or cart trail. I have noticed this several times with the new Pro V1 since last Summer. I know the covers are getting thinner for spin etc.. Was hoping there was maybe there was just a bad batch, but know the Titleist quality control is really good. Going to go through this second dozen and see how they hold up and then decide on trying another brand. I am saving the balls that have cut or scuffed to send to Titleist so they can asess some possible reasons for how easy these balls cut/ scuff. Hope I do not have to start trying a different brand before Summer and tournament season rolls around, but cannot afford using a sleeve of balls a round. These balls are long and check all the boxes as the #1 ball for sure, except in durability, where they, in the past could not be beat.
  25. John M

    John M
    Asheville, North Carolina

    I have been testing the AVX, ProV1 and ProV1x this past week to figure out the best ball for me. I rarely scuff any of these unless I hit a cart path and because my swing is on the flat side. A dozen balls will last me 2-3 months so on a per round cost basis and performance results were worth every penny.
  26. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Every ball manufacture has the same issues.
    I played a Chrome Soft X LS several times to compare to ProV1 and they looked trashed just after a couple of strikes. The covers are getting so thin even good shots cause damage. Play them til you lose them!

    Dr. K

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