Does heat degrade the performance of golf balls?

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By Ron

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  1. Ron

    Westminster, CO

    My wife left 3 dozen pro v 1x balls in the trunk of the car for my Father's Day gift.  It had been in there for a day at 90 degrees.  Are they ok?

  2. Keano26

    Port Jervis, NY

    Ron, they'll be fine. If you're paying 50 bucks for a dozen balls, they ought to be able to maintain their quality in extreme temperatures. In my experiences, I've found almost all golf balls, including Titleist balls, to perform the same regardless of the climate it is exposed to.

  3. Ron

    Westminster, CO

    Thanks for the info.  Now  the balls are all chemically blended and proprietary I wasn't sure how stable they were to heat. 

  4. Tim Tiger

    Tim Tiger
    Tucson, AZ

    I'm sure there would be some effects over a longer time or hotter temps.  But sounds as if the exposure was not excessive.

    I do not leave my clubs or balls in my Jeep during Oklahoma summers. The 100+ deg temps can cause small issues that lead to larger ones.


  5. Ron

    Westminster, CO

    Thanks.  Yes in doing some research you need to be aware that epoxy will have a tendency to break down faster than the ball polymers.  Also I was told it is not nearly has hot in the trunk of a car as it is in the passenger area.


  6. Fred Closs

    Fred Closs
    Denton, TX

    The Titleist R&D folks should be able to answer that, but I don't think a day will hurt them. Maybe a month would.

  7. Team Titleist Staff

    Here is some feedback on how long golf balls last and what conditions they should be stored under to maximize life span...

    Today's Titleist golf balls can be safely stored for five years or even more, as long as they're kept away from excessive heat. Attics and cars, for example, can get very hot during the summer and can dramatically shorten a ball's life. Normal indoor conditions should be fine for storage.

    You should also consider that golf ball technology is improving rapidly, so if you're playing balls that were made more than a couple of years ago, you may be missing out on improvements that have been made to that model, not to mention completely new models.

  8. Everybody says: "excessive heat".  What constitutes excessive heat?

    Sometimes the ambient temp around here gets over 105 degs.  Inside a passenger car it gets over 145 deg. Sometimes more!

    At what point does the ball get effectuated?

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