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By JTooker

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  1. Do Pro V1 balls have a shelf life wherein their performance diminishes?

    Where is the best source to order custom Pro V1 balls?

  2. I have been told from staffers at Titleist that as long as the balls stay around a reasonable room temperature their performance will not diminish for a long time...not sure if that means 10 years or what but it would be a long time!

    Now, if they are stored in a stable climate, I would only guess their performance will be limited as new models come out in the you could store them for years and still have good performance basically until the new ball models come out...

  3. Sorry, forgot to add....the best place to order custom balls is your local Titleist my case it is my pro shop at my golf course.
  4. Robert L

    Robert L
    Hayward, CA

    I have (6) ProV's that I got from a Cadillac/Ryder Cup promo from a golf expo circa 2004. They've always been in the box at home, and I guess it's time to put them in rotation...
  5. I've been told the cores go bad after about 2 or 3 years. They go completely solid and can't be easily compressed

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