Have you teed up the new NXT Tour or NXT Tour S golf ball?

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By Mike D., Titleist Staff

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  1. Hey Team Titleist,

    With golf season in full swing, we want to hear some feedback from anyone who has been gaming our new NXT Tour or NXT Tour S golf balls.

    Let us know what you think and share any of your early season success stories below!

  2. Tour S in yellow is what I play if I don't spend the money on a Prov1x. Long of the tee with a soft feel and for a non urethane cover it spins very well
  3. Stuart B

    Stuart B

    NXT Tour ball maybe about 4-5 yards more carry with driver, difficult to tell around greens as course not quite there yet from winter state(West coast of Scotland)
  4. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    We have the NXT Tour S golf balls for our range balls and short game facility balls so I use them constantly. I like the crisp feel that they offer and immediate feedback on good or bad shots...

    I feel they are slightly longer than my ProV1 balls so when I am gapping clubs on the range I try to make this adjustment in my mind. We have some ProV1's mixed in so I frequently do side by side comparisons.

    I defintely like the feel of these balls off my driver however I prefer the feel of my ProV1's around the green in our short game practice area.

    I have not tried the yellow ball.

    Hope this helps!
  5. TSchwartz

    Newfane, NY

    I have tried the new NXT tour golf ball, the spin and distance combination is tough to beat. Love the balls overall performance. Titleist rocks!!!!
  6. Vancliff J

    Vancliff J
    Green Cove Springs, FL

    I find the NXT Tour S to be a great golf ball. I play the Optic Yellow since I can easily identify my ball. Most in my group play white balls. I also play PRO V1X but would rather spend less for my balls. I lose on average one per round at my course.
  7. Jeff G

    Jeff G
    San Diego

    I play both the NXT Tour S & Pro V1. They are both superb to play but I would have to say the Pro V1 is a little better around the greens. You can't go wrong with either one. Hit em well gents!
  8. HackOne

    Graham, NC

    I personally like the Titleist "SOFT" designated balls.. Maybe its all in my mind.. I do not play the PRO V1 family.... How does the VELOCITY sack up to the SOFT line.. ?
  9. Tom  C

    Tom C
    Oxnard, CA

    I've played the NXT/NXT Tour and NXT TOUR S for 3 yrs and love the performance and feel without the cost of the PRO V 1/PRO V1X. Got my second hole in one two weeks ago using a new NXT Tour, I also like the Velocity balls for their performance, quality and value.
  10. Had a few NXT tour balls given to me at a tournament. Overall thoughts were great. They felt soft, workable, and kept the distance I was looking for. Hurt a little when I sent one into the woods.
  11. Barbarosa

    Dallas, TX

    Tour S in Hi-Vis Yellow has been my preferred ball. Lost my left eye in battle, and only 60% in my right, so I need that higher visibility in a ball. Ball tracks well with nominal side spin. Not the same distance with the premium ProV1x, but you haven't offeded the Hi-Vis Yellow in that ball yet. Ball works well with my wedges and on the greens it putts well. One note, not all alignment marks are spot on. I have to spin and mark them for true center of gravity. I'll just keep on playing and working on reducing my cap.

  12. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    I usually play prov1 but play nxt tour s in casual rounds for cost reasons and I feel they are very close in feel and preformance
  13. Won a couple of sleeves of NXT Tour in the men's club raffle. When I played the NXT I liked them a lot, good distance and feel. Also have NXT Tour on the practice green. Usually play the Pro V1x, but the NXT Tour has me thinking about changing.
  14. Bill S

    Bill S
    Scottsdale, AZ

    I've got to say that I'm VERY impressed with the NXT Tour S. I was at a toney resort course in need of some ammunition but their ProV prices were insane so I "settled" for two sleeves of Tour S balls. As most of the other commenters have discovered, I can see a switch in my future when I need to restock.
  15. Awesome ball. soft, responsive. Love it .
    Than you
  16. Mark M

    Mark M
    Tallahassee, FL

    I love the distance with the NXT Tours S, but the touch around the green isn't quite there. I do miss the feel around the green of the Pro V1. For the price the NXT is an ok ball.
  17. Parthur

    Marshfield, MA

    I typically play ProV1. I tried both NXT Tour and NXT Tour-S and preferred the S version. Tried Velocity and thought they felt a bit firm for me and the TruSoft is a good, below 40 degrees ball. Every now and again I'll try a sleeve of another companies' ball, but always stay with Pro-V1s. I'm one of those old guys, not too long but always straight so I end up tossing balls due to damage before I loose them: the newer Pro-V1s last a lot longer than the early versions.
  18. Billy O

    Billy O
    Manteca, CA

    I play the NXT Tour. This is a great Distance Ball and it comes off the irons very fast, high and drops and stops. The ball is a Great putting ball. The feel coming off the putter is very good. 10 - 20 yards longer. A great ball for Senior Golfers or anyone.
  19. m G

    m G
    colchester, CT

    Excellent ball in colder weather really enjoy the feel it's provides instant feedback as it warms up I enjoy the vx it also provides instant feedback
    Post Image
  20. These are a good early season ball. A little longer with woods, I do prefer Pro V1's around the green. I have noticed a drop in spin. I like them while I'm still fine tuning in the spring.
  21. I usualy start the day with a ProV1 & a yellow NXT Tour S in my pocket. the new NXT Tour S seems to play VERY similar to the ProV1 IMHO, if not for the color of the ball I would have a hard time telling them apart from the feel of the club & flight, the ProV1 seems to be a LITTLE better on shots going onto the green as far as "stop & grab" goes. the NXT Tour S seems to be ALOT more durable than the ProV1 so I don't feel like I'm losing performance while saving a little money when teeing up the NXT Tour S. I played the NXT Tour S last year as well and this years ball DOES seem to be a better ball.
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