Letters indented / stamped on the ball Prov1x

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By Matthew C

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  1. I've noticed on some, not all of my Prov1 and ProV1x balls, that there are 2 letters imprinted on the ball.

    Not easy to see on the picture, but the letters "W" and "T" are imprinted. On another "C" and "L"

    Any idea what that refers to? Why is it not on all the balls?

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  2. Andrew A

    Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

    The repsonse below is one that I have seen inthe past regarding this subject...

    The small letters you see are simply markings from the molds used to form the covers, and are used by our manufacturing facilities for identification of the molds. They do not affect performance in any way.
  3. Thanks Andrew. I didn't think that would affect performance. How come not every ball has the imprint / id of the molds?

  4. If you've seen any videos of the ball manufacturing process, balls are made in a tray mold, like a large carton of eggs so they'd only need to mark the mold in one place. They don't make every ball from a single-ball mold... that would just be inefficient.
  5. Does anyone know what the different letters mean. I have a number of balls and they are all marked YH
  6. Jim K

    Jim K
    Bel Air, MD

    I've wondered this before but never thought to ask. Good info; thanks.
  7. It may be a coincidence, I've noticed that on balls that have had a logo on them and XOUT, have the letters CL on them.
    Balls purchased from pro shops, and I've purchased a few, all have had the letters WT on them...... The mould is a good answer, but i think there is more to it. Could be like an old grading system as used by 'big blue' years ago. I'm still checking all Pro V1's that I buy.

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