2017 Test Balls

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By Dave O

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  1. Dave O

    Dave O
    Saint Joseph, MI

    Received my sleeve of prototype test balls in the mail today. Look forward to hitting them. Anyone got idea of which model line they might represent? Thanks Team Titleist!!

    Post Image
  2. Kip G

    Kip G
    Arcanum, OH

    I was excited to find a sleeve of test balls in the mail today. I was only able to test them indoors against my pro1x, but I found the ball speed of the the test balls to be on average 2 mph faster. As a side note, did the testing with my recently completed 712mb single length set. I used an 8 iron shaft for all clubs, head weight at 265 grams, and lie angle of 66*. Will post more info on the test ball once I am able to get outside.

  3. I would love to get a sleave of these and compare them against the ProV1, ProV1x and the DT trusoft I play
  4. I received a sleeve of test balls (yellow) yesterday as well. I look forward to seeing how they perform.
    Thanks TT.
  5. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Based on the pic, I would think they are a new version of the NXT Tour S.
  6. NXT Tour S, based on dimple pattern.
  7. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Who knows? Would be nice if they are the new AVX balls. They come in white and yellow. Give them a try and send the data back to Titleist. Congratulations on being chosen as a participant in this test.
  8. chris b

    chris b
    Leesburg, VA

    You should get a ball similar to which you use & is in your profile. Just so you can give accurate feedback.
    But to me it looks like a version of the NXT
  9. I just got a sleeve of yellow test balls and I really liked them. Seemed like a mix
    of Pro V1 and TruSoft or NXT
    I would buy them !
  10. Sirhc

    Sacramento, CA

    Just got mine today (11/3/17). Playing in a scramble next weekend and will post impressions.

    Just guessing, but proto-NXT makes sense, as others have said. Didn't the new Pro V1/V1x come out late-2016? And, Titleist (Pro V1 & NXT) balls typically are on a two-year cycle.
  11. Sirhc

    Sacramento, CA

    Sirhc said:

    Just got mine today (11/3/17). Playing in a scramble next weekend and will post impressions.

    Just guessing, but proto-NXT makes sense, as others have said. Didn't the new Pro V1/V1x come out late-2016? And, Titleist (Pro V1 & NXT) balls typically are on a two-year cycle.

    Okay; 14 hcp here who needs work keeping the ball in play off the tee.
    Test ball's feel off the putter is similar to an NXT. But once in play, I could not feel a difference. I was hitting my mid- and short-irons well yesterday. Good approach shots produced a high ball flight and the ball stayed close to its pitch mark. There were no surprises; poor shots were punished while good shots were rewarded. Test ball is durable. Played it along with my current ball (B330S) & an AVX (best ball that day).
  12. I would like to get some of those balls to compare to my Pro V1x's.
  13. Kathy J

    Kathy J
    Portland, OR

    I just received a 3 pack of yellow test balls. I like the visual on chip shots with the yellow.
  14. Played a sleeve of them today. Distance was good, had good feel to them but I didn't as much control around the green as I am used to with my other golf balls. I would probably purchase these new balls, Will try them again this week.
  15. James B

    James B
    Cumming, GA

    I played a round with my Test Ball on 4 November 2017. The three significant characteristics I noticed about the balls were 1) high ball flight, 2) tight ball flight and 3) spin. Whether with driver, hybrids or irons, the ball flight was much higher than with other balls I've played, including Pro V1. The higher ball flight translated into about 15 more yards carry with the driver and hittiing one club less with hybrids and irons. It seem impossible to hook or slice the ball. Every shots was a slight fade or draw...moving about 10-15 feet. Finally, the spin off the irons and wedges was good, but the spin off the hybrids was phenomenal. On long par-3s and long par-4, I was able to attack pins and hold greens from 180 - 220 yards. I didn't have to allow for release. When the ball hit the green, it was within 10 feet of its ball mark. I wish I had a dozen instead of a sleeve.
  16. Bill V

    Bill V
    Bluffton, SC

    Not what I received 8 November. My first and what a pair of balls!

    Two sleeves, both white with differing symbols, standard Titleist and the number 1 in Black. They are both clearly softer-feeling balls 12 v. Pro V1 and Pro V1x, with no real distance loss, but real changes in flight. Extensive 8-iron use of all balls, pretty much +/- 2 yards in flight. Both just lovely to putt.

    Honestly, my first 2 days playing them, I'd play these on feel alone. Butter is harder. I'm an 66 and a former blade/red (90) Balata player.

    Obvious dimple differences, one (An old friend) I am happy to see being considered for return! Very obvious on even casual observation.

    Clipped a tree (One tree I already hated!!) and am down to five balls, grrrrrrrr.

    Other than the fact of you hit branches the ball can still go awry, I'm liking both of the balls I am comparing.

    AVX not available in my market, but I am going to CA next week or may order some as one set of dimples seems essentially the same as the AVX image.

    Drop rate-dampening rates differ between the two balls just as Pro V1 and ProV1x do, but Neither matches either, so this is a fun comparison. I get two weeks before opining.
  17. Wade W

    Wade W
    Roanoke, VA

    Dimples look like NXT.

  18. I received a sleeve of these same balls. Played them last Fri 11/10 against my typical gamer (Competitor that starts with a "C" and is model "CS' that I was fitted for by Golftec). The Titleist ball had a more penetrating ball flight for me, but both balls avg close to the same amount of distance. Other than ball flight, the only other difference that I noticed was in the short game.
    Spent probably a good half hour comparing the 2 different balls hitting Lob, Pitch, and Chip shots from varying lies. The Titleist ball on avg had about 3-5 more yds of roll-out than my gamer. Outside of 60 yd shots though I did not notice much more than maybe 1-1.5 yd more roll-out with 9I-SW, if any difference at all.
    Hit a cart path and a couple of tree branches as well, and the cover held up well with only minor blemishes (mostly discoloration from hitting something) on it but not enough to take the ball out of play. I'll have to upload a picture of the ball showing the blemishes at a later time. All-in-all, not a bad ball though for what it's designed for.
  19. Michael P

    Michael P
    Richardson, TX

    I received the three test balls and I loved them. 1. Great distance for a slower swing speed. 2. Great feel off the club. 3. Approach shots off the irons very nice. 4. Chip shots held the green very good. 5. Spin was perfect. 6. Ball cover a little soft, showed scuff marks slightly. I would rate as one of the best balls that I
    ever played. I cannot wait to buy my
    first dozen. You need to add this ball to the Titleist line.
  20. I got a test sleeve here in NY in Nov... a little late to play. But I took them to Florida last week and thought the ball was really good. I currently use the Pro V1 and could easily use the Test ball as well.

    What is it?

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