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By NKrapanza

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    Always played nxt tour. Does anyone know the durability of the cover on the new tour soft? Can't find anything online as there aren't too many reviews currently.

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    No but my guess is that it won't be drastically different from the NXT since that is the ball being replaced. It might scuff up just a bit easier as the trade-off for being softer but most likely the softer feel is due to the core, not the cover. We'll all find out as these gets played a little over the next several months.
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    Thanks Dale!
  4. Charlie B
    Pearland, TX

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    Okay, I've got 3 rounds in with the new True Soft. Overall I'd give it a grade of B. For me, it feels "heavy" when I take a full swing. Hard to describe but it just does not seem to fly off the club face, smoothly as the NXT or ProV/X. If these replace the NXT I'll be disappointed since I used it frequently in daily play.
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    The NXT Tour has been my favorite since it came out. I tried the Tour Soft today and didn't really care for it. The durability of the cover seemed just fine, but it's the different sound of the ball that I noted most, more of a flat smack that the crisp sound of the NXT. (That's "progress" for you.) I'll try it again next week, but I think it's same as the "TEST" ball they sent out last fall. I reported back that I didn't care much for how that one either, but I remember saying it did feel nice chipping it. It doesn't seem logical to replace both the NXT Tour AND the "softer" Tour S with another soft Titleist.
  6. richbow9

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    I have a suspicion that this new ball is the one that i tested at the back end is of 17. If it was then durability wasn’t an issue, and was an impressive ball all round
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    I stocked up on NXT's. Looking forward to the Tour Soft, but NXT will be hard to beat in my opinion. I wish I could see the test data...

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