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  1. No'l

    Palmdale, CA

    Hi TeamTitleist,

    I’ve been enjoying and playing the AVX ball for about a couple months now, and I’ve played about 8 rounds with it so far. Though it wasn’t a side by side comparison with the Pro V1 that I normally play for so many years, each time I’ve played the new AVX ball, it was easy to notice and see different characteristics whenever I’ve struck the ball well or the way I’ve intended it to and just took what it gave me at the time. It’s just too bad that I don't strike the ball well on each and every goshdarn shot (lol), but I’ve had some very good samplings nonetheless, and I just want to say first that I am loving this AVX ball.

    The ball flights and distances on the AVX ball has a slightly lower trajectory than I’m used to on drives and maybe a little lower also in general with 3metal, and long irons, but not so much with the hybrid for some reason- my hybrid shots stays the same trajectory like the Pro V1 for some reason. I don't notice it much with the irons but I know the feel is different- soft and longer. The approach shots have been very good as far as playing it to land soft or to run up a little in lower trajectory. It has a nice spin you can put on it or not when you don’t- it’s amazing! I also like it on and around the greens and I just love putting with its new feel- solid yet soft feeling. The short game has been on and well enough lately and the AVX ball spins nicely and reacts very well with good results as needed.

    I’ve played it for three rounds over in the Southeast Asia where it’s hot and humid some high winds up in the hills with greens that are smooth but a mid-slow speed (guessing about 9 or 9.5 at best in stimpmeter), but the rest of my rounds with the AVX ball were up here in the high desert and down at the lower desert (Palm Springs area) where it’s been both dry cold and windy for the most part, but then the greens also rolls true with faster speeds.

    The feel is definitely softer and it almost feel as if the ball is on the clubface a millisecond longer on club face (driver) and then it just flies farther distance. The AVX ball is LONG and definitely longer than my all-time favorite, Pro V1. In a very cold day, I’m still reaching drives I can get to during summer and more than a few times it's even longer with the AVX ball. Surprising to me!

    I’ve also realized that I’m able to place myself in position or play under the wind with the AVX with some ease- it seems it penetrates more through the wind and not affected as much. So needless to say that I could get used to this easily and I am very happy to find all these great things to add to my game in a ball. The way I feel right now is much like the first time I've played a sleeve of ProV1 (gosh that's a long time ago). I gave a sleeve of AVX balls to my bro who pretty much went ape nuts over it after his round. I’m on my second box and I hope and pray this ball makes its grand debut very soon and stays in the market for good- I’d be very sad otherwise. I wasn’t skeptical about the AVX ball when I first heard about it- I knew it would be good, however, I wondered how good was it going to get. I don’t change balls so easily- most especially when playing the number one ball. I was excited to have my first box although I was also thinking about how good and how much I'm used to with ProV1.

    I'm so impressed with the AVX ball. I want to play this ball from now on.

    Great job Titleist!


  2. Wow! Great review! I’m chomping at the bit to get out and test the AVX dozen that I was able to get. Spring weather can’t come too soon!
  3. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Great review!
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I've only had a couple of opportunities but there have been some dramatic shots that worked better for me than the Pro-V1. It was such a short affair. The 2017 V was so much better for me than the 2015/2017 X, I immediately moved to the V. I'm hoping the AVX romance continues and isn't just an infatuation. I've stockpiled enough AVX to last the entire year coming. The first time I flew a green on an approach shot I chalked it up to good ball striking. But after 2 more greens in 7 holes, I knew the ball was different on short to mid-irons. Now to dial it in.
  5. Very nice info. Thanks for sharing!
  6. N Anthony S

    N Anthony S
    Portland, OR

    I appreciate your thorough review. I have not come across the AVX ball yet to try out. With any luck I might get the chance sometime soon.
  7. Thank you for the comprehensive review! Sounds like the ball has benefited many aspects of your game with little to no downside/trade-offs. Hopefully those of us outside the initial test markets will have an opportunity to put some AVX's in play before the end of 2018.
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I bought a sleeve from a local shop in my area. Played a couple of rounds and am staying with my Prov1s. Gave one of the balls to one of our pros to try. Not as good as the Prov around the green and not as long. I am sure there will be a lot of takers out there. Between the Provs, the AVX and the TourS, Titleist has a lot to offer in 2018. We can always count on Titleist for a great offering thru their superios R&D and a great ball for every player.
  9. Rich T

    Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

    Great review. Most importantly, happy to see you getting positive results and gaining the trust you need in your golf ball. Play well!
  10. thanks for the analysis & review--the only ball in GOLF. BIG fan...will try them. all the best
  11. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I have been playing the AVX since I got my hands on them in November. There is something special about that ball. It's more than just some extra distance, though that is the first thing I noticed. This ball just seems to fit me perfectly. I have still only played it in cooler temps here in MD over the winter. So we'll see how it works when the temps warm up and the course gets a bit firmer, but right now I have no complaints whatsoever.

    I have been a Pro V player for years. That may change if the AVX launches nationally soon. For now, I am rationing my limited supply and playing my Pro Vs about half the time. Compared to the Pro V, the AVX has not disappointed me. I swear my drives are longer. Not 15 yards, but enough that I feel that there is a difference. Particularly in wind. I don't know that there is any ball better than a Pro V around the greens, but even though the short game is where I excel, I don't see much difference. (Of course, I am not a Tour level player, so pros may feel otherwise.) Once I refresh my well-used SM6s with new SM7s this spring, I plan to do a good side-by-side comparison with the Pro V and AVX, hopefully on good course conditions in warmer temps.

    As an aside, I just picked up another couple dozen AVX while in Florida last week. I searched all over the area for some, and no one seemed to have any left. I called Dick's figuring they would not have any after striking out everywhere else and the guy in the golf department who answered said "The AVwhat?". He went to check for me, came back to the phone and said there were 3 dozen left. I said I'd be right down. When I got there a little while later, there were only two dozen of the yellow ones left. I bought them both to add to my dwindling supply.

    Yesterday, after losing the AVX that I had been playing for the last 5 or 6 rounds, I hit one into a tree limb and it bounced out of sight. I didn't want to lose it. But I had a foursome on my rear and didn't want to slow them down. So, I did a quick cursory look for the ball and moved on, sick that I lost the month-old ball after so many rounds. By the time I finished 18, the course was quieting down for the day. So rather than go home, once I could see there were only a few players left, I drove back out to the spot and looked for 15 minutes trying to find my AVX. Determined, I looked everywhere. I hate losing AVXs. They are so hard to come by. As I was walking back to my cart, bingo!, there it sat, clear as day along the edge of rough and cabbage. Actually would have had a shot if I found it during the initial cursory look. In any case, I was happy to have it back. I'll use it again today. Though it looks well-played at this point, it still goes farther than my playing partner's balls. ;-)
  12. Randall R

    Randall R
    Smithfield, NC

    Great review - finally played with one yesterday, and I agree with your experience, I also noted a couple of things - feel was great, either when hitting full shots or putting; it seemed to absolutely jump off my longer irons, and it was great into the wind (15 - 20mph) - played side by side with a tru-soft, and on one hole into the wind, I hit both well, but found my AVX some 35 yards farther down the fairway; finally, even when I didn't quite get it square, it still carried quite well. Will be in the bag for sure!

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