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By James W

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  1. Just picked up a dozen Velocity in the new visi-white. Thought it would be a hi viz matte finish, but the finish actually glitters in the sun! Will be interested to see how they stick out in the deep rough I'm bound to encounter next week!

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  2. greg p

    greg p
    Algonquin, IL

    It sparkles...just like your game!
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    The new Velocity balls offer other color options if you want something that might stand out more. Not a matte finish.

    The Titleist Velocity golf ball has been transformed with a softer core and our fastest cover blend to generate extremely low spin and even more distance. It produces high flight on all shots to enhance distance and help stop the ball on the green. Available in White, Visi-White, Orange and Pink.
  4. Dave N

    Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

    I have been using them for a month now, very easy to see them. My wife now uses the Velocity in orange. You will like um.
  5. David D

    David D
    Arlington, TX

    Always wondered why the "old" Pro-V's were not very white. Why? I am talking about the old balata's.

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