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By Hari S.

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  1. Hari S.

    Hari S.
    Medicine Hat,

    Very dissapointed that Titleist has decided to discontinue the NXT balls. I am curious to see how the new Tour Soft balls will compare to these. I was fitted with the NXT to help reduce spin off the tee. Thanks all

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Tour Soft is basically the NXT with some upgrades. If you like the NXT, the Tour Soft should be good for you. Don't be too disappointed that they continue to give us upgrades. That's how they stay in front of the competition.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I was disappointed when the original NXT was replaced by Velocity and NXT Tour & Tour-S. I eventually moved onto the NXT-Tour. Most new golf balls have lower spin off of driver anymore. At the time of the NXT, it definitely made a difference between the NXT and the Pro-V's whether my ball was in the rough or in the woods. If you can't find a preference between the Velocity and Tour Soft off the tee, then it will be the short game performance that will help you decide.
  4. Hari S.

    Hari S.
    Medicine Hat,

    thanks for the reply.
    enjoyed reading it.
  5. Hari S.

    Hari S.
    Medicine Hat,

    thanks for the comment. never dissapointed about upgrades. I really wasn't sure if the Tour Soft was its replacement or not as I really don't recall and reference to NXT in any advertisements.
    thanks again
  6. Bill S

    Bill S
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Found a new one this morning on the golf course here in Mesa AZ. I played it on the final two holes which are quite tight. I actually didn't detect a whole lot of difference between it and the Prov's I usually play. I might have a decision to make when my current supply depletes.
  7. casa

    stoneham, MA

    Played Tour Soft test balls last November before the snow came to Southern New England. Loved the soft feel on a cold day. The ball played longer than NXT Tour Soft. Spin was good into the greens on short irons & wedges.

    I will assume given your handle your from Alberta Canada? what area? Been to the province many many times, lots of great golf .... Love JPL
  8. Hari S.

    Hari S.
    Medicine Hat,

    I'm from medicine hat. Southern corner of the province. Thanks for the reply. You are correct. Lots of great courses here. What brings you out this way from New England?. I know exactly what you are going through in terms of snow. can't wait for it to end.
  9. I had an earlier post, and I tried the "softs" and was disappointed, so far. I lost distance and spin too much - caused loss of distance. I went back to my NXT tours, which I stocked up on. I'll try again when the weather improves and I'm back in the groove but I noticed a slight difference which doesn't really fit my game.
    I doubt at my age, I'll "adjust" my swing, etc. but we can't all hit like the pros, but we still want to play and need balls for that... Seems like there's been a consolidation in the ball "game" and I don't know if this was follow the "soft" competition, or actual improvement. I used the comp soft ball until they raised the price and it was shorter as well, that's why I went back to NXT. I may have to skip a gen or two. I've seen this pattern many times with all the brands, since the days of balata and "compression". Same thing with clubs. The AP3 is billed out, but taking away the tradition and changing lofts to appear longer, doesn't cut it with me. It's more important to know your yardages and control your shots, than be a gorilla hitter. But the AP2s I bought are the finest clubs, I've ever owned. I thought I'd never say that after 30 years behind my Edge's. Love the Vokeys too. It's a difficult thing to keep interest in stagnant.

  10. I have played the Tour S for a few seasons, and I am disappointed with the discontinuation. It's great when you find a ball that really fits your game. I wish they would have just continued improving this ball. Now the process starts over. I'll give the new Tour Soft a try along with possibly the srxn Q Star Tour and TM Prject A. It would be interesting to get Titleist's explanation as to how two distinct balls, the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S, can be replaced by one ball.

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