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By Jeffery M

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  1. My local golf shop gave me some sample balls from TM, TP5 and TP5X. I thought why not. Played 2 rounds with them switching between the two. Now I know why I’ve always trusted Titleist. Not even a comparison. Finally hit the last two in the woods and never looked back. Thanks Titleist for giving me all the confidence I need in a ball. #1 ball in golf!!

  2. Rob_Roth1

    San Diego, CA

    agree i have notice huge inconsistency with non-titleist balls. if you take the plant tour you will understand that Titleist goes over the top on QA so they can control every part of the production.

    This is why it's the most consistent ball in golf!
  3. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    Yes Jeffery, I have experimented with different brands of balls. cally, Bridgestone, Srxion. Overall I went back to Titleist ProV1x. It feels great off the tee, goes into the wind further. Checks up on the green nicely and feels soooo good when putting. I have much more confidence and can focus on scoring.
  4. JBigda


    I’m a ProV 1X guy and recently played the TP5 and was quite impressed. Not enough to make a switch but was surprised at the performance. Competition raises the bar for everyone, can’t wait for how good the next gen of ProV’s will be.
  5. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Great stuff!!! thanks for sharing
  6. Fred C

    Fred C
    Mansfield, TX

    I've done similar tests. The TM and Bstone balls are pretty good. However their paint is not nearly as durable and, the performance not as consistent. Let me add, the "bright white" can be blinding. ;-)
  7. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    I've seen a handful of guys at my club, all really good players give the TM ball a fair chance. FYI, they aren't all ProV1 guys either. All of them said the same thing, "decent ball, but not good enough for me to make a change". When I see the new ads for the ball, I just realize they need to market the heck out of it to have a chance. As shown previously by Swoosh, having big names endorsing doesn't always mean sales will be stellar.
  8. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I tried the TM balls and did feel like it could be a ball I would use if I had never played a Titleist Pro V1, I did not feel the same with some of the other balls, like Bstone & Cally. I had a friend keep trying me to use Costco ball he said it compared to my Pro V1, I told himt eh make up was more like a 1X being a 4 piece ball and the wouldn't try them.

    I have never played a ball that putts as well as a Titleist does. Consistent
  9. Ralph C

    Ralph C
    Portland, ME

    Started the season this week, finally! Obviously a little rusty from a long winter, it took a while to get my groove back. Finally, I made what I'd consider an exceptional put, and let out a Whoop! when I nailed it. Temporarily forgetting I was at a tight Muni, I sheepishly apologized to the guy at the tee nearby. Not only did he compliment my put, but asked if it was a V1, which it always is. He said he could tell by the sound.
    How many other balls are recognized like that? Even though I'm far from the best, I play the best, and have never, ever regretted it. I'm an excellent ball finder, and use the competition for the water hazards during a casual round. Some are pretty good, but nowhere near good enough to make me think of
    Not in a million years.
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    There’s no real difference in price. All th pros in that ad have full bag contracts. When no contract players like Patrick Reed switch to the TM ball and not a Pro-V, then I might pay attention. How many png and cobra players play Pro-Vs versus other brands? There’s no reason to even try.
  11. David B

    David B
    Hickory, NC

    It's simple. The ProV1 ball I use is the best ball made. The longest, straightest, best feeling........ No manufacturer can beat it!!
  12. WAYNE S

    Seabrook Tx

    I grew up playing Titleist PRO V1 golf balls. I totally dislike them. When I used them in High School in the 60's and early seventies they would cut so easy and have a smiley face. Even up until the late 90's and early 2000's Pro V1 golf balls cut so easily. I refuse to use these balls any more. The only Titleist golf ball I will use is the NXT Tour ball or now the TRU SOFT ball. So much better ball than the Pro V series balls. I have done Golf Ball testing for Titleist and have tested the new balls and find the TRU Soft or former NXT Tour ball to be a much better ball.
  13. michael f

    michael f
    brooksville, FL

    i also tried the TM and the bridgestone and cally no comparasion to the prov1. the prov1 out distance them all by 10 yrds or more and stopped on the green closer to the hole never again will i try another ball
  14. Larry N

    Larry N
    Copperas Cove, TX

    I have played Titleist for years and played with the TP5 recently. The TP5 exploded off the clubs. I found it to be a 1/2 to a whole club longer than the Pro V1. It feels soft and spins as much as the Pro V1 on the greens. The biggest differences I found was that the Pro V1 bores through the wind better. I hit the TP5 to high. Second the Pro V1 had a better feel when putting. The TP5 felt hard.
  15. Frank L

    Frank L
    Mission viejo, CA

    I have played the X and the V and I get a better trajectory with the V I hit the ball high anyways so the V helps me with control and consistent feel coming off the club is what I like mostly
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  16. John P

    John P
    Bella Vista, AR

    What didn’t you like about them? Not a very useful review.
  17. Late 2016 to present time I started playing other balls to find a new one. I've hit some sort of Titleist ball since the early 90's. I've tried most of the Vice line, TM TP5X, Bridgestone Tour B X, swoosh RZN Tour BLK/Platinum (still have a dozen of each). The current line of Titleist ball I gave up on with flipping properties of ProV and the 1X. Same balls basically, just swapped names. My opinion, for my game (4 handicap) is that as long as I have a premium ball with a firmer cover I'm fine with it. Currenty the TP5X is my gamer is does everything it needs to.
  18. Bob R

    Bob R
    margate, NJ

    Interesting that comparisons are being made to TM's 5 piece balls. MY sampling came by way my finding someone else's wayward balls. After putting them in play, I was not impressed. Couldn't find anything about them that compelled me to buy a box. Understand, I'm an older player who feels lucky when I can flush something over 200 yards. Here's the point, when competing and I need 10 to 20 yards more to keep pace with others nothing does it better than the PROV1.
  19. GEORGE N


  20. Finally got a nice day here in NW Ohio on Friday, sunny and 70. I’ve been playing prior generation ProV1 last summer and finally was able to play my new balls. I know the characteristics have changed, but Wow, what a difference in my game from every club. Didn’t have to make that much of an adjustment, except for yardage’s. Once dialed in, shot my best round so far this year, even par 72. That’s why I play Titleist!! Looking forward to a better season than I thought. #1 ball in golf.
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  21. Over the years I have played various Titleist balls and none gave me the consistent control that the V1x has. My son is 9 and plays the NXT TOUR. If I had to switch this one has a softer feel around the green. The only time I have used a different brand was years ago if I had a drive over water!! Nothing compares to Titleist, not only with their golf balls but clubs as well.
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