By DHayward

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  1. Can I get the lies bent on my 716 irons.???

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Yes. All depends on how much.
  3. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Titleist only bend irons two degrees so I would try to stay within that range- you will see on their web site that they an option for 4 degrees upright but that is taking a head that is manufactured 2 degrees upright and bent the additional 2 degrees.
  4. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    I would definitely seek out a reputable club repair shop or certified clubfitter to do the work. I suggest you bend them no more that 2 degrees either way. If you have AP1’s or AP3’s, you need to be even more careful.....maybe bend them no more than 1 degree. However, a professional clubfitter should be able to advise you.

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