Pro V1 vs Pro V1x Spin Characteristics

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By Ryan M

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  1. Hey guys and gals,

    So I was under assumption with the current line of Pro V1/X that the X was higher launching/spinning of the 2.

    I saw a YouTube video by a very legit golf channel called TXG where they explained the confusion of the Pro V1 x not being the higher spinning of the 2.

    Also when showing the comparison page where it says Pro V1X "iron spin is labeled as more", "wedge spin higher" but that was supposedly compared to the previous gen Pro V1X and not against the Pro V1. Also the Pro V1 "iron spin less" and "wedge spin high".

    Anyways I was hoping some who knew could shed some light on this for me.

    If anyone cares here is the video I was referring too.

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  3. Ralph C

    Ralph C
    Portland, ME

    Hi, Ryan,
    I'm not the best qualified to give an opinion, I only have my personal experience, but I'll comment so maybe our TT brothers and sisters will give a better explanation.
    Going backwards from the green:
    Putting: The X Seems a little higher compression to me, gets rolling a little more, has a more distinct sound off the putter face.
    Chipping: V1x seems to do the Drop and Stop better. My favorite thing to (try to) do.
    Fairway: V1x has somewhat less predictable ball flight for me, you can notice the slightly higher compression here.
    Driver: V1x has better distance for me, but my accuracy is better with the non-X V1.
    The 2017-2018 Pro V1 and V1x are definitely different balls than before, evolutionary and revolutionary at the same time.
    For me, although I love the V1x around the green, in general, the V1 works best for me. The slighly lower compression suits my old man driving style, as well as matches the club's performance envelope better (although I added some DCI 962b's to the bag, that seem to like the X more than my old Pngs). For me. With that said, sometimes I'll play a hole with the X (especially when there'll be some fun wedge work in the mix). Not that the X and the V1 are interchangeable, but you can definitely tell they're related.
    Hope that helps, or, at least illicits a comment or two.
  4. I’ve seen the same video. I was ball - fitted by Titleist about three months ago. I am a long term ProV1 user (never before fitted for these I just assumed I guess it was the best ball for me. I was fitted into ProV1x !

    Hit 50 yard pitches (choose your own club, I used a 58 wedge), 6 iron (I only had half a set so no 7iron) and 4 iron. Results were indisputable - no difference in 50 yard spin, 6iron and 4iron flew a bit higher and spun more by about 500 rpm, which gave me a couple more yards carry. I asked about potentially stalling the ball in the wind, But the fitter (very knowledgeable by the way) explained the spin with the x fitted into the desired ‘window’ of launch angle, club head speed, and many other things I can’t recall. He gave me 2 of each ball and I tested on the course. The x did indeed prove to be the best ball for me. Spun more, flew a bit higher, better spin rate (and higher than ProV1).
    I ordered 4 dozen and am using up my prov1’s socially !
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  5. Hey guys thanks for the responses!

    I was always under the assumption the V spun less than X. Honestly I could play both just as easily, but after seeing the aforementioned video it did spark my interest in diving a bit deeper into the differences (hopefully TT member like Cathy etc. can reply).

    Personally I like the V due to it's slightly lower launch.

    Also I was fortunate enough to do a ball fitting at Manchester Lane last year, and I'm a "high spin" player I found out and was fit into the V (and if I remember correctly that's how the Titleist staff and everyone explained the 2 balls, but not 100% sure at all). So that's what really confused me with that video. Basically it's the only video/review that I can recall with those findings. If it wasn't TXG, I'd just shake it off, but they put out great content and that's why it had me thinking about this subject. I realize that V and X can't be compare tee to green so just looking a generalization I suppose.

    Anyways just curious that's all, and if any can shine some light it'd be much appreciated.

    Thanks to any and everyone who can contribute.
  6. Thanks for the responses guys!

    I've always been under the assumption that the new X spun more than the V and "basically" every review says it to as well, and really only TXG I believe says the opposite.

    Any TT mods able to chime in?

    Thanks everyone and anyone who can contribute.

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