Pro V1 vs Pro V1x Spin Characteristics

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By Ryan M

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  1. Hey guys and gals,

    So I was under assumption with the current line of Pro V1/X that the X was higher launching/spinning of the 2.

    I saw a YouTube video by a very legit golf channel called TXG where they explained the confusion of the Pro V1 x not being the higher spinning of the 2.

    Also when showing the comparison page where it says Pro V1X "iron spin is labeled as more", "wedge spin higher" but that was supposedly compared to the previous gen Pro V1X and not against the Pro V1. Also the Pro V1 "iron spin less" and "wedge spin high".

    Anyways I was hoping some who knew could shed some light on this for me.

    If anyone cares here is the video I was referring too.

  2. I play both the Pro V1 and X, but mainly the X. I can definitely tell that the X ball does fly much higher than the Pro V1. However when it comes to spin on comparable wedge shots the Pro V1 will spin back (a lot in some cases) where the X ball will bounce and just stop.

    I was also under the impression by reading the literature that the X ball would spin more (back up on the greens) than the Pro V1. But after hitting both balls, I find it not the case.

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