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By Bill

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  1. Ive been averaging 4 rounds a week since May and have gamed about two dozen different balls. during that time in search of something different other than my normal ProV1. I always ended up back at the ProV1 until I found an AVX a few weeks ago. Read lots about it but just never found one or bought any. Game it for 16 holes and ended up back in the pro shop and passed it on to my buddy the asst. pro tp try. He fell in love with it and bought some for the shop and has been gaming them the last few weeks ago. They ate flying off the shelf. Last week I found another and played 35 holes wirh it before I lost it and shot an all time low wirh it.

    TEE BOX: Few yards longer and atraighter for sure. Penetrating flight with just the right feel.

    LONG IRONS: Easy half club longer with pentrating lower ballflight

    SHORT IRONS: Still longer and no issues stopping the ball. Sometimes I spin the ProV1 off the green where the AVX checks right up.

    CHIPPING: Didnt think the ProV1 coukd be out done. but the AVX pulled it off. Some reports say thr spin around the green is barely noticable, but I say they are wrong. The AVX releases or checks up perfectly for my game. I shot a 73 with it the other day with more up and downs then ever before thanks to chips and pitches stopping closer to the hole.

    PUTTING: Perfect softer feel for me.

    I think I have found the perfect ball for my game and they will be on my Christmas list. Titleist naiked it with this ball.

    Pros: Longer, lower, and straighter penetrating ball flight with perfect greenside spin.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    That's why they make 6 lines of balls. Not everyone will be happy with just one. The AVX filled a niche between the Tour Soft and V. Glad you love it.

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