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By DLemaistre

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  1. Last week I had the opportunity to take the tour of the Plant #3 ball factory in New Bedford and was blown away by the experience! Our tour guide Janice and host Susan were amazing and truly made the tour unforgettable. Many take aways from the tour, but a couple that impressed me were that each ProV1 goes through 90 quality checks and the ProV1x more than that. Also, every golf ball gets X rayed to insure the core is within the Titleist specifications before they get shipped. I now understand why they are the number 1 ball in golf! I also enjoyed meeting fellow Team Titleist member Joe Franks. I strongly recommend this was a great day. Dave LeMaistre

  2. Jerry M

    Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

    That sounds like a great tour. I really enjoy going on manufacturing tours to see how things are made and the quality they ensure.
  3. Michael JC

    Michael JC
    Orwell, VT

    Jerry M, this tour would be right up your alley! The whole process from start to finish is amazing! The automation that goes on throughout Ball Plant 111 is phenomenal !! There are golf balls everywhere, rolling, spinning, etc.! I was lucky enough to go last year, and I hope to go again!
  4. peter a

    peter a
    waquoit, MA

    Did this tour last winter and I agree - A fascinating look into the making of the best golf balls. And what a group of dedicated employees! Polite to a fault and happy to answer any and all queries. The average tenure of thei employees at Titleist is astoundingly long - Just goes to show what respect and value the company puts on experience and employee participation. A VERY strong company culture! oh, and GREAT PRODUCTS!
  5. Peter F

    Peter F
    Dagsboro, DE

    Took the tour back in July. Great tour and great people. Amazing what goes into making a golf ball. And they still xray every pro v1 and pro v1x just like Phil Young would have wanted.

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