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By Kevin K

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  1. So I have used the new 2019 proto balls for a few rounds now. And I must say I really like them. The feel and control are just the next step above the "old" prov1, can't put my finger on what it is bit it just feels better

    Driver, 3 wood and rescue: Felt solid off the driver, not to hard but not overly soft and is easy to control.

    Irons: Great soft feel on all iron shot from a 5 all the way down the a 9. Great control when hitting onto greens and off the tee felt amazing.

    Wedges: From full shots to pitch shots, fro. Pw down to 56 all felt amazing. I was able to get spin and a nice controlled bump and run.

    Putter: Nice soft but solid feel,has a true roll and the hit the bottom of the cup nicely

    Overall 9/10 (nothing is perfect)

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