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By Ned

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  1. Ned

    Lewiston, ID

    I've always played the ProV1 because it spins a bit more, and feels softer off my irons and around the green.

    The ProV1x feels harder and seems 'clicky' when I'm pitching, chipping & putting.

    Someone who should know, recently said that Titleist switched the make up of its ProV line last year such that the ProV1 now has the ProV1x qualities, and vice versa... AND, since most Titleist Touring Pros have historically played ProV1x, they have now switched to the ProV1(?)...

    I suggested to my 'friend' that Titleist wouldn't mess with its industry leading marketing & sales.

    Kindly advise... Thanks, Ned

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Hey Ned, yes, if you read the details on the balls, the ProV1x is now the high spinning ball with a bit higher ball flight. I have been testing the 2019 protos in the ProV1 and ProV1x models and that seems to hold true to what I am experiencing. That said, the ProV1x still feels firmer and the ProV1 softer with more roll out which are my biggest playing factors. I will be staying with the ProV1's. That's my take anyway.
  3. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    Yes Ned, the 2017 Pro V edition did change the features of each ball so that the V1 was as long as the V1X and the V1X became the ball with more spin and higher launch. I did not get a sleeve this go around to test like in 2015 and 2017. But I hear from others that those characteristic are going to stay true in 2019.

    I am torn, because I love the feel of the V1 over the V1X, but as a low ball-low spin hitter, I should probably be using the V1X.
  4. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    I'll have to get a sleeve of each and see which ball feels close to the ProV1x I usually play. Not sure why Titleist would make a switch in ball characteristics.
  5. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

  6. Thomas Y

    Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

    Way back in the stone ages, I had persimmon woods and played balata balls. When the Pro V1 and Pro V1* were introduced, I gravitated toward the Pro V1 for the softer feel more comparable to the balata/wound ball. At some point, I changed to the Pro V1x but still wasn't convinced about the feel being louder/crisper. Last model, with the Pro V1x being a bit higher launching and slightly higher spinning (both more so with longer clubs), I was convinced that was a better fit for me.

    The interesting thing is that I now prefer the feel coming off putters. More than ever, putters are designed with soft feel as a parameter, using softer inserts, softer/shock absorbing grips, etc. I seem to miss the feel and sound and believe the characteristics of the Pro V1x return some of this to me, providing critical feedback for lag putting.

    As an aside, limited (indoor) putting with the prototype Pro V1 vs the 2017-8 Pro V1x seem to provide similar feedback to me, both in feel and sound. Now, I found a Studio Select Newport 2.7, and this putter head does not have the soft insert, and despite a Super Stroke UltraSlim 1.0 grip, I think I have enough feel to keep my winter putting experiment going. I need to compare the new Pro V1x as well!
  7. Gabe B

    Gabe B
    Kansas City, Missouri

    Been working on a decision for this year's ball and have seen the numbers. Ball speed, distance and spin all very close, going to go with the Pro V1 because of the flight.
  8. tim c

    tim c
    cobourg, ON

    I was fitted for the pro v1x years ago and have played it ever since. I have messed around with a few balls in the past but my trials have always led me back to the X every time. The results have been 7 club championships, annual trips to the provincial mid- am and RCGA championships. #1ballingolfperiod

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