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By Kevin K

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  1. So I received some 2019 proto prov1s near the end of the year. I had gave them a test today up against a very unexpected ball....the seed sd-01

    I felt the performance of the prov1 was as always very goodalways a good feel and performance from the no1 ball in golf.....but I will say it was very evenly matched by the seed sd-01 in every area(in my opinion) The 2 balls had a very similar feel, I will say the seed did scuff up a little easier but could be down to strike with wedges.

    Driving, approach to greens, long irons, fairway woods, chips and putting where very good on both but on drives I felt I was hitting it a little further with the prov1 but chips and full shots onto the green i felt the seed was a better feel and result.

    Driving - prov1 9/10 seed 8/10 Woods and irons -prov1 8/10 Seed 8/10 Wedges and approach prov1 8/10. Seed 9/10 Putting prov1 8/10. Seed 8/10

    Overall the new prov1 is a good ball as always.

    Has anyone else tried it up against a vice/seed/oncore etc??

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  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    This is probably not the best site to get responses about non-Titleist balls. In any event, if I have to order over the internet and order 5 dozen or more to beat the price of a 4-4-3 deal on Pro-V's in March, I probably won't do it. If ever in a pinch/forget to load enough balls for a trip, I can pick up a sleeve or box of Pro-Vs and continue to play the same ball. There is one of these direct sale places that one of my buds uses - because he can lose a number of balls off of driver, that I have checked. There are times of the year when some models are not available. Buying a sleeve of a couple of models to trial is not usually an option. In for a dozen at a not spectacular savings. I just wouldn't find the hassle worth my time to switch. Without regard for performance. But choice is what makes America great.
  3. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    If you are really looking for feedback from others who have played it, I'd ask over on WRX or TST or one of those sites. We pretty much play Titleist here.
  4. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    Yep - we are here on TT site because Titleist is the # 1 ball in the world, on all professional tours, amateur events, college tournaments and this site!!!
  5. Gabriel G

    Gabriel G
    Cedar Park, TX

    I have tried all kinds of balls. Not one feels like a well struck Titleist ProV1X. No other ball goes into the wind with energy. Nice high ball flight and then lands and checks up on the green. Feels good putting it. No other balls feels that way. Love it.
  6. Kevin,
    Think you might have got a more positive reception if you'd compared the Proto ProV v Current ProV.
    The introduction of an alternative brand doesn't provide the baseline chaps are looking for here.
    Personally, I find the comparison interesting, particularly picking an Irish, subscription/delivered service that's had v.good UK reviews, but you can see their point.

    In the main, contributors to Team Titleist are Titleist aficionados. Like Blackpool rock, Titleist runs right through us.
  7. tony k

    tony k
    bradenton, FL

    Maybe if Justin Thomas plays the Seed...……………….nah, it'll never happen.
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    With respect to your opinion, not a ball I am particularly interested in or would consider purchasing. Those are for folks who are looking for bargain balls and like my fellow Titleist loyalists, this is a Titleist forum. To repeat Doug: "If you are really looking for feedback from others who have played it, I'd ask over on WRX or TST or one of those sites". Again with respect to your opinion.
  9. Sure would like them to send me some protos to try out..always left out in the cold on these deals!
  10. JD D

    JD D

    I have tried the Vice Golf ball out (Pro Plus) and I did not like it. Went straight back to the Pro V1s.
  11. Joey L

    Joey L
    Youngsville, LA

    I love the Titleist Pro V1 and, in all fairness, I have tried other brands of golf balls to see if anyone comes even close to the quality of Titleist. Nothing yet! Stick with Titleist!

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