Acushnet Titleist 1967

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By Stephan T

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  1. Stephan T

    Stephan T
    Centennial, CO

    In the late 60’s there were four Acushnet Titleist products in the pro shop: golf balls, golf gloves, headcovers and putters. Does anyone remember the names of the golf balls?

  2. Could have been a Club Special ball, Stephan.
  3. Gsoup


    Acushnet DT ?
  4. I’m pretty sure there was a Titleist Acushnet K2A. I think there was all black and all red.
  5. Stephan T

    Stephan T
    Centennial, CO

    Still the #1 ball in golf. And it all started with four products at the pro shop. Lots of innovation, great products and first class customer service since then.
  6. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    There was a K 8 also
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