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    I am pleased to see the new Pro V’s are out. Problem is, I have two brand new sleeves of the Proto balls that were delivered for trial late last year. Untouched by anything other than my putter and unused as yet. I have had them for four months. How could this happen you might ask. Lots of players were hoping to get their hands on these and here I have two sleeves begging to be used. Well, let me explain. I had booked a vacation day off work in late September to play the final match of a season long doubles best ball at our club. I was just about to leave the house when someone rang the doorbell. I opened the door and on the step was an Acushnet box. Needless to say I ripped the box open, read the letter from Matt Goodman and started drooling over my new Pro V’s. I’m quite sure my wife thought I had lost all sense of reason. I never receive opportunities like this. Out to the course I go.... Hit the range, warm up for half an hour, fifteen minutes on the putting green and off to the first Tee. I show my playing partner my new sleeves and he asks me which I’m going to play. Which is the V1 and which is the V1x? Well, I guess I am not sure. He says well, I should keep the Proto’s for a day when there is nothing on the line and use the x1’s I have in my bag. (That is the only golfball in my bag, Pro V1x). Well, I thought that made some sense, but I was really hoping to put them in play. I mean really, how often does one get to use golf balls not even available for purchase yet. Hmmm , our opponents walk up, we declare what balls we are using and when I show my proto2019, one of them asks if they are USGA approved.hmmmm. So back to my bag, and I pull out a new sleeve of V1x and I use it for the day. I’m a little pissed, but we play, we win and I am thinking I can hardly wait for the weekend to try out my new 2019Proto. Right? That was a Thursday, only one more day until the weekend. Really, it was one of those great fall days. Sun was warm, no wind, fantastic Fall day. Sigh!!! Saturday morning comes around....there is a 6 inch blanket of snow on the ground!!! Course is closed for the season shortly thereafter..... I do not even make it to the range again. Season is done. Over!!! And that my friends, is how you go from having the newest ball not even available for purchase yet, to receiving the Titleist email about the release of their new Pro V1’s. My two white sleeves of Titleist Proto 2019 are still in my bag waiting to be used. I am still anxiously awaiting the opportunity to put these to the test side by side....Have I mentioned I hate snow?

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  2. I enjoyed reading this and there's always one rule book in the group isn't there? I found them both really good I also received two sleeves and I did get to try them quite a bit on the course enought to realise I preferred the pro v1. But I usually use the trusoft so there wasn't a great ball to make comparisons with.

    Really happy I was picked though was super cool to like you said hit a ball that isn't even available for purchase.

    Hope you eventually get a good amount of time this year on course with the balls.

    Happy golfing.

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