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By Abby L.

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  1. Abby L.

    Abby L.
    Providence, RI

    Hey Team Titleist - 

    Now that we're back from the PGA Show and the Pro V1 launch is live, we've had time to sit back and listen to a few of our favorite podcasts from last week. 

    We were very excited to see Cameron McCormick host Titleist Golf Ball R&D Tour Consultant Fordie Pitts and Titleist Tour Rep JJ VanWezenbeeck on his podcast, Earn Your Edgein which the theme was all about Proving It. Fordie and JJ take Cameron behind the curtain of golf ball R&D and inside the ropes at a Tour event. 

    When it comes to proving it to the best players in the world - Fordie and JJ have some amazing insight. Take a listen: Earn Your Edge. 

    Since the unveiling of new Pro V1 and Pro V1x is behind us, it's fun for us to take a step back and see how we came to this point. Our VP of Golf Ball Marketing, Michael Mahoney, sat down with GolfWRX's The Gear Dive podcast for an in-depth conversation on our testing process, creating a new golf ball and giving a nod to Titleist tradition while always looking toward the future. 

    I hope you enjoy these and let me know what you're listening to this week in the comments below! 


    Team Titleist Staff

  2. beaureed445

    Edmond, OK

    Thanks, Abby! I'm headed to Scottsdale tomorrow, so I'll download these to give me something to listen to on the flight.
  3. Tyler H

    Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

    Both of these were well worth the listen. Very interesting to hear about what goes into making the #1 Ball in Golf.

    I try to listen to one golf-related podcast a day, I'll add these to the rotation along with The Erik Anders Lang Show, For Play Pod, No Laying Up and The Golfer's Journal.

  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Listening to the Gear Drive, I realized I need help... Well, for golf ball selection for now. I'm going to leave it to Trackman to make sure I'm getting the best launch and spin numbers. I had picked AVX in the past for the soft feel and amber. Mike Mahoney suggested that the X could be the best solution for the slower swing guys to launch better an spin better into the greens - contrary to long-standing belief that the X is for the pros. All 3 are better than someone else's 2 piece ball so I need a little science to pick the best for me.
  5. Rich T

    Rich T
    Shrewsbury, MA

    Great stuff. I started the WRX one and will add the other to the queue.
  6. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    Thanks Abby for making these available.
  7. JuddFrench

    Orlando, FL

    The earn your edge podcast was great, listened to it yesterday on the drive to Jacksonville! Headed out to buy some new Pro V1s this week. Will definitely be adding the GolfWRX podcast to the mix. Always looking for more insight.
  8. Thanks! Ill be sure to check these out!
  9. Luke T

    Luke T
    Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

    In had a listen, keep the updates coming and flowing to the UK. #teamtitleist

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