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By trey b

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  1. trey b

    trey b

    I tried the AVX today and loved most things about it. The low trajectory is great and it really straightened out my shot shapes. I love the amount of spin I get into the greens on full shots, ProV always seemed to spin back a little too much. The problem I had was I don’t seem to get the green side wedge spin that I get with ProV. most of my chips were running out more than I’m used to. The AVX seemed to completely ignore the wind and it was very enjoyable. Only other small thing was ball felt a little clickier off the putter. So the question is about any suggestions you guys might have for a ball that acts like AVX on full shots but works like a ProV on chips and putts.

  2. Trey,
    Unless you want to go "Off-Piste" and look at non-Titleist stuff, you may find you're searching for a unicorn!
    We are, as they say, where we are. Which characteristics are most important to you at this point? The choice is yours...
    Straight, low flight with a click or higher flight, potentially less straight but with a sweet putting sound.
    If it's the former, you seem destined for time on the practice ground for some chipping/pitching drills!
    The other way out of your dilemma would seem to be a professional, Titleist, ball fitting - details available on this site.

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