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By Matt M

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  1. Hey all, I am contemplating switching my ball to the trusoft. Noticing that the prov1 hasn't been performing the way I would like recently and leaning toward the trusoft. Anyone have experience or have insight for me?

  2. Luke H

    Luke H
    Eau Claire, WI

    It all depends on what your looking for. The biggest thing I notice is the Pro V spins more with irons and wedges, so I can get it to hold better. Also, the DT is going to feel different off your putter due to the different cover. To me the DT feels and sounds clicky.
  3. Thanks for the info Luke. I have done more research and decided to stick with my prov1. For my game it seems to be the best choice.
  4. larry m

    larry m
    columbiana, OH

    Trusoft will have a noticeable softer feel than Prov and much less spin around the green. But sometimes less spin can be your friend
  5. Matt,

    I play the Tru Soft exclusively. I agree with Luke that a lot of the decision depends on what you want out of the ball. I'm 70 yrs old and don't have a lot of swing speed. Thus I don't put a lot of spin on the ball. For my game I don't need the drop and stop features of the ProVs. I really like the ball to run out a bit but knowing that I play for it. As for the softness I find the Tru Soft to feel soft off of all of my shots and putts. I did try the ProVs several years ago and found them to be hard and clicky. My suggestion would be to buy a couple of sleeves of the Tru Soft and give them a try. Fairways and greens.

    Mark F

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