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By ken s

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  1. Just tried the v1x in yellow yesterday. Love the color over the white. The ball seamed harder and sounded clicker than the white version. Could the yellow make the cover harder? Even putting side by side with the white it sounded different.

  2. Bill L

    Bill L
    Spring, TX

    I play white and a guy in our group plays yellow and I haven't noticed any sound difference.
  3. I've been playing AVX for over a year so when I tried yellow ProV1x last week it definitely had a bit of click, mostly with the driver. But compared to a couple shots I hit with an old (white) 2015 ProV1x it sounds pretty much the same to be.

    But my swing is pretty slow, about 90mph max with the driver. Maybe someone who hits it really hard could notice a color difference in sound.
  4. I just ordered some yellow V1s. Did your yellow V1xs feel hard as well? How did it perform around the greens and feel when you putted?
  5. I play with Titlest golf balls every week
  6. I enjoy hitting Titleist golf balls
  7. Thanks!!!!

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