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By Barkerbob

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  1. Do any of you play the Dt Trusoft? I tried a couple this evening and was pretty impressed. I am a high handicap and although I love ProV’s I lose to many to buy them. I was impressed with the trusoft distance on my driver as well as feel around the greens. Going to buy a couple dozen this weekend and put them in play. Or in the creek, woods, ditches, and lake. LOL

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I don't play the TruSoft, but have tried them in the past. It's a very good all-around ball at a great price point.
  3. I have played the DT TruSoft (DTSoLo) for years. I'm 70 yrs old with a 14 hdcp and don't have the fastest of swing speeds. I have found that the TruSoft gives me all of the distance I need. They will stop on the green with only a little run-out on full shots with wedges and short irons. They do run out a bit with the longer irons or hybrids but with my game I'm just happy to hit the green at all with the longer clubs. I like the soft feel, especially off the putter. The price point is also a factor for me as my golf budget is a bit limited. I have been playing for 58 yrs. and I have had only one hole in one and it was with a DT SoLo, so how could I possibly play with any other ball but the DTs? Fairways and greens.

    Mark F
  4. William H

    William H
    Spanaway, WA

    I like the DT Tru Soft. It puts a lower flight on my driver with more roll. Great for windy days!
  5. I am currently playing the AVX, but previously played the TruSoft. The quality and consistency you get from them is way ahead of other brands at the same price point. I still keep a few in my bag, in case I have one of those days where I can't seem to find a fairway (or my ball).
  6. Funny you should post this...

    I just played a round this week with the trusoft for the first time. I really like them. I got more carry with them, hitting a par 5 island green in two!
  7. Yeah I think it's a fantastic ball. Used it so much and lost so many haha
  8. Ichabod

    Nacogdoches, Texas

    I have played 2 rounds with them so far and am happy with them. They feel nice and are at a price point I can manage right now. If I happen to find them on sale I plan on putting a couple dozen back for future use.
  9. Derek C

    Derek C
    Northern KY

    I played the SoLo ball for quite a long time and have now used the TruSoft. I like it a lot. Honestly started with that line of golf ball because I wanted to use Titleist but didn’t want to pay a large amount as I found water to the woods pretty often and didn’t want to constantly lose something like a Pro V on a regular basis.
    Ended up liking the feel of the SoLo/TruSoft and have stuck with them. Nice ball at a reasonable price point. Love the feel of them too!

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