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By Tommy

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  1. Anyone else check out the mygolfspy golf ball review from a little over a month ago? They used a hitting robot and tested numerous balls in golf. Titleist did VERY well in the tests... but what caught my attention was that the ProV1 launched higher and spun less than the ProV1x.

    There were lots of interesting findings in there... among them: hard balls always go further. I wish they gave more data to review (show me the mean, median, and distribution of shots... rather than just a much of averages sometimes).

    Ultimately, of course, everyone needs to hit the balls for themselves to see how it performs for them... there is a lot more than just swing speeds (attack angle, climate conditions, etc, etc). But for *this* test... the results were a bit surprising.

    Anyone else see this and wondered the same?

  2. Yes, I saw the same thing and was very curious. I usually like what mygolfspy has to say but this one really caught my eye.
  3. I thought the test was great, eye opening for the industry.
  4. Basically, the correct answer is, "ProV1x" to virtually everything.

    Also seemed to be a strong correlation with soft balls picking up an increasing tendancy for manufacturer defects. I wonder whether this is because softer balls are somehow more inherently difficult to manufacture **or** because manufacturers do not try as hard on softer balls. But if one scrolls down the page far enough to look at the yards off line and read their speculation about why (short answer: 'manufacturer inconsistencies') it's always the non "X" version that ends up down there.
  5. Andrew F

    Andrew F
    Pueblo, CO

    I wish the would show video of there test. I normally play the ProV1 and I know my ball flight. But last week I hit the ProV1x and it was a lot higher and it seemed like I was getting a few more yards. I really want to get a ball fitting to see if I’m correct. I might just compare them on the course in the evening this weekend to see what results I get.
  6. Titleist makes a great golf ball been tru the factory many times.It should be a trip all golfer's should take.Thanks

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