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By John H

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  1. OK, just finished 18 holes with this ball and I hope Titleist brings this ball to market. It was fantastic. I’ll start with feel. It’s was soft but not mushy at all. I’d say it compares to the AVX but better.

    Driver: Just as long as the AVX but with a higher ball flight. I would say the ball flight was right in line with the Pro v1. Definitely low spin. The ball just wants to go straight.

    Fairway wood and hybrid: again just as long as the AVX but with a higher ball flight. Almost identical trajectory to the Pro v1.

    Irons: distance was right in line with the AVX. Ball flight maybe a touch higher but not much. The feel off of the irons was amazing and the spin was the perfect amount for me.

    Wedges: the ball really shines here. Executional feel with noticeably more spin that the AVX. I would say not as much as the Pro v1 but pretty darn close.

    Putter: fantastic feel. It reminded me of the Titleist Professional from years ago.

    Bottom line: Try this ball! It also had great durability as well. I will be buying more to stock up. This is my new gamer. It knocked the AVX out of the bag.

  2. Thanks for the review John. I have a dozen and can't wait to give them a try. Hopefully they are as good as you say they are.
  3. I played 18 today with the ball as well. I agree with everything said above. It is definitely not a high spin ball and it plays well in the wind. It may be a few yards longer than the AVX. It is solid but not clicky. Soft but not a marshmallow. I played 18 with two balls and just needed to clean the dirt smudges off and they look fresh out of the box. This is definitely a ball that needs to come to market.
  4. JOHN,

    I too just played a round with the EXP-01. Was prepared to write up an in-depth opinion of its performance (for me).
    After reading your review above the only thing I can add is, AMAZING !!! My new go-to ball. Gonna Oder more !!!

  5. JOHN,

    I too just played a round with the EXP-01. Was prepared to write up an in-depth opinion of its performance (for me).
    After reading your review above, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment - “spot on “ ...

    The only thing I can add is, AMAZING !!! My new go-to ball. Gonna Oder more !!!

  6. Just played a round with the EXP01 myself. Very good distance, low spin on the tee shots, more spin than the avx around the green. Very pleased with the overall performance. Great feel. Had a chip in with it and used the same ball the entire round. Balky putter led to a 76, finished out the round with the trusty SM7 wedge lol. But A+ golf ball, I hope it makes it to market
  7. Nathan Limbach

    Nathan Limbach
    Providence, RI

    I didn't have the same reaction. I missed the spin I get from ProV1 from 6 iron to PW. I agree that I liked it on the greens as it felt very soft and off the tee where it flew high and straight, but it did not perform for the approach game which for me is essential to a good round.

    Durability is on par with the premium line and is a welcome addition to the line.

  8. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I wonder if that was the unknown ball they tested with us at Blackwolf Run driving range at the TT Invitational? I wonder if Titleist will say yes or no?
  9. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I was guessing they are the same ones.
  10. Kevin H

    Kevin H
    Northville, MI

    Played a few holes on Sunday and then went indoors to test on a trackman against Pro V1

    First impressions, appearance and soft feel remind me of Tour Soft while distance and ball speed remind me of AVX.

    Agree with other posts about spin around greens is better than AVX.

    For the driver it performed very similar to Pro V1 with respect to Ball Speed, Peak Height Carry and Total Distance. Spin was a couple 100 RPM lower.

    With the irons (7 & PW) Ball Speed, Peak Height and Carry were similar. Spin was fractionally lower but not materially. Performance with wedges (Gap, SW & LW) was also very solid. Dispersion (short to long or back-to-front) was not as good as Pro V1 with all irons.

    Ball felt soft off the putter, very similar to Tour Soft, but I prefer the Pro V1

    Overall, the ball is very solid. I will be curious as to where it goes from here (e.g. next generation AVX, Tour Soft replacement, Hybrid of the two, etc.)
  11. Rushed home after work to try out the EXP-01 and was amazed. Knocked a birdie putt in on the first hole and then again on the third hole. Only got 5 holes in before the sun went under. Superior feel to the ProVx on the green and seemed to go straighter off the putter as well as my other clubs. I'm sold. Titleist please bring it to market full time!
  12. Chris T

    Chris T

    Hi guys, thanks for the reviews. Comments in the main all seem positive
  13. Michael A

    Michael A
    PrairieView Golf Course

    Played a round last night with them. I agree with everything said above. I did feel like I flew everything a few yards longer than with x’s. Was not a good night off the tee for me (I get in a funk with the hooks from time to time) so I look forward to seeing how they perform there. Absolutely loved the ball flight with irons and wedges though! Excited to continue testing!
  14. I used it today and found it to pretty good. It felt like a two or three piece golf ball. It was fairly soft off the putter, iron shots had a click sound to it, wasn’t dense sounding, which I prefer. It lacked a bit of feel off the driver and three wood.

    I did notice that the ball spun properly, enough to hit the numbers but not excessive where the ball is spinning backwards 20 feet.

    The trajectory was a bit higher than the ProV1, closer to ProV1x flight, but I was able to flight it when I wanted.

    I think it’s a ball that will sit between the AVX line and True line of balls.

    I’m interested to see if the ball grows on me as I play more rounds with it. Initial reaction is the ball is “fair”.
  15. William W

    William W
    Brunswick, ME

    Played 18 hole round with EXP-01 today. Initial thoughts as follows:

    Not quite as durable as ProV1x or V1 (But did play same ball full 18 holes)
    Driver distance not quite as good as V1 or V1x
    Less spin on long clubs, straighter flying ball off driver
    Nice control & distance on mid iron shots
    Less green side spin compared to V1x
    Ball putts very well
    Seems a little on soft side, maybe too soft

    Overall, not quite as good as V1 or V1x (but a very good ball).
    Need to play a couple more rounds to confirm/update above initial thoughts
    & give complete evaluation.

  16. If that's the case this could be a gamer. Sounds almost spot on what I found out of the Bridgestone B XR. Wanted something that has a higher flight and lower spin but doesn't feel like a rock. The Bridgestone ball provided that in spades. Testing the left dash right now and it has those characteristics but is extremely hard/high compression. Going to have to try and get my hands on a dozen.
  17. FRED L

    FRED L
    Centerport, NY

    Nice feel playing this new R&D Ball! Got my 2 dozen the other day off Titleist.com. Distance was not lacking.
    Looking at EBAY and there is people selling these for 60$ and up. Shameful!!
  18. Luke H

    Luke H
    Eau Claire, WI

    I've played 6 rounds with them and the best way to describe the ball....It's an AVX with a Tour Soft cover.
  19. Agree with this!
  20. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Played a round with the EXP-01 yesterday. Course was a little soft due to watering and heavy dew, but I was able to play two balls the entire round. I played the EXP and V1x (my regular ball) and due to the softness of the greens all approaches and short chips & pitches seemed to play about the same. Off the driver the EXP played very similar to the V1x, but I got slightly more distance with the V1x and the EXP flew a little lower. I do like the overall feel of the EXP, especially when putting. It feels great off the putter face.
  21. Not sure if I missed it but where can I buy these balls? I saw them on the .com website but they don't ship to the UK. Please let me know i would love to try these out.
  22. Have not seen them yet in Canada, but I will be in Golftown today so maybe they have some now.
  23. Chris T

    Chris T

    Hi there

    Are these readily available in the States at the moment??
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