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By Robert O

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  1. This new ball will replace the AVX for me. It has distance and minimal spin off the driver, yet very soft with great feel around the green. First round out with the ball had a low 70’s score with complete control of the ball.

  2. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    Robert, that is an interesting review. I saw this ball at my local golf course and I wondered how it would perform vs AVX or Pro-V. I’m always concerned about the cover and the feel. Urethane covers and their feel are important to me. Maybe I’m wrong about the difference between a Urethane/Pro ball feel and other balls. What are your thoughts on that? My impression is that the cover is not like a Pro-V or AVX but of a lower class ball. I read that its Urethane but it didn’t look or feel like that when I saw it and held it in my hands. I think I need to try it....
  3. Robert T

    Robert T
    Las Vegas, NV

    I played the EXP-01 for the first time last weekend and it was longer than my normal ball (ProV1X) by at least 10 yards off the driver. My irons went similar distance to a few yards longer, with nice mid-trajectory and soft feel on all full shots. The spin around the green was similar but maybe slightly less than my normal ProV1X. The biggest advantage was the cover durability, I played one ball for 18 holes and noticed little to no wear on the cover. The cover seemed a little more off white than bright white in color, but it was not a problem. I will continue to play this ball and my normal ball, ProV1X, and see if I notice any other differences. Feel was very soft, sound was quiet off the club face, feel off the putter was soft and similar to ProV1X. The ball performed well in the wind at 15-20mph winds all day as well. I was able to flight it down when needed and hit it high over a couple of trees when I needed to. Hope this helps other players thinking of trying this ball out. I look forward to others comments and playing it a few more rounds.
  4. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I tried the ball yesterday at a local course. They still have a few dozen in the pro shop so I bought some. I didnt notice any change in distance off my irons or driver vs the AVX. I did like the feel while putting. I got a bunch of mud balls so I need to play some more with it.

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