Difference in ProV1 and ProV1X

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By Dave D

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  1. I’ve been testing both of these balls in the latest edition(I do this by hitting Driver and a FULL 9 iron from 125 yds out)and here is my personal data from 20 shots of each ball: the new ProV1 goes an average of 5-7 yards farther off the driver and an average of 4 yds off my full 9 iron with “ok” spin.. BUT, the new ProV1X flies significantly higher off the Driver, my full 9 iron goes approximately 122 yds with a higher trajectory and the spin on this golf ball is the best since I used a Titleist balata golf ball 25 years ago... I’d be very interested to hear “results” of other golfers..oh by the way, I must say that the Yellow colored golf balls spin more than the white!!

  2. Eric C

    Eric C

    I finally ran out of the last version 2017 prov1x and bought 2 sleeves of 2019 prov1 and x to check out differences. The prov1 brought my driver down to where I actually get some run when it lands. The x for me flies like the 2017 x, a big rainbow with little to no run. No actual proof, but my eyes are seeing a faster ball than what I saw with the 2017x. The spin on approaches seem more than adequate for either ball for my "game?". The prov1 is longer for me now. Nice work R&D !
  3. Graeme W

    Graeme W
    North Berwick, 0

    I have found that the two balls have come much closer together in performance when at one time the X was much harder ( 95 to 100 compression) and I lost distance against the V1. I have various V1s and V1xs in my bag all of different vintages - 2017 to2019 - and the newest seem fairly similar. Still a great golf ball but as a 73 year old, 6 handicap, I am baffled by all the talk of spin rate!! Its all getting too complicated for me. Find a decent Titleist that suits your game and play with it.
  4. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    I just love the feel and sound of the ProV1. The trust and belief i have in that ball over the years is just something you can't put a price on.

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