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By Graeme W

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  1. Graeme W

    Graeme W
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    I am a 73 year old 6 handicap golfer who was once a fairly good player. I have played a number of balls in my playing life including Dunlop 65, Slazenger +, Penfold, Wilson, but mainly in the last 30 odd years, Titleist. I played the old PTS 90 ball, the HP2, the Professional, The Tour balata and in to the Pro V1 around 20 years ago when they first came out. I have also played the srxn Z which I find quite similar to the Pro V1 and just in the last couple of weeks I have tried a Taylor Made ball. I all the time that the Pro V1 had been around , I have been nothing but very happy with it. I even contacted Titleist around 3 years ago to find out where the VI and the VIx varied in terms of what we all knew as compression, where 90 was for medium swings, 100 for very fast swings and 80 was for ladies. Compressions had narrowed in the recent past and I am now able to play the Pro V1x where in the past when the compression was nearer 100, I was unable to get any distance out of it. All the recent info in adverts re the latest Pro V1 balls is about "spin rate". I am at a loss to see what that is to do with a 6 handicap golfer who is 73 years of age!! That is if I actually fully understood the implications. Surely Titleist has not run out of superlatives to apply to the great Pro V1 ball as it evolves? The ball appears to be changed to be even better each year! Please can somebody explain to a very puzzled elderly golfer what exactly is going on in the golf ball manufacturing business, as I am totally all at sea with all the various claims and counter claims!!

  2. Most ball manufactures are close to what may be the maximum distance as governed by the sport. Given this is correct, the next area that many companies are focusing on is feel. Since many golfers prefer a softer ball for better feel......this is what the ball manufactures are marketing and manufacturing to attempt to gain an edge on their competitors.

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