New AVX?

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By Doug E

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  1. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    So, has anyone seen any info on a next generation AVX yet? Love my AVXs. Been playing them since their first limited release back in Nov. '17. Over two years now. Since two years is the normal Titleist cycle, I am expecting an update soon, but have not heard much at all.

    I have enough of the present AVX model to get me through the winter (great winter ball I might add), but am considering an additional supply for Spring since there are some better deals on them available now. However, I don't want to stock up if a "New & Improved" version is slated for release in Feb or Mar.

    Anyone know anything? Is the AVX staying in the lineup and/or maybe being renamed with a new ProV-type moniker? Could it be the new EXP? That certainly sounds possible after reading all the threads regarding the EXP. And by this point there would usually be some talk of the next generation AVX. But, frankly, all I've heard is speculation. Anyone?

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