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By PCarson

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  1. PCarson

    Melbourne, Australia

    I'm using the 2021 ProV1 & I'm noticing it seems to go longer off the driver & irons with less effort than the 2020 ProV1. I'm around a club longer with the irons, & the driver & fairway clubs are longer too. Workability & stopping power also seem to be improved. Do others find the same with the 2021 ProV1, or is it just me?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Hopefully you can adjust and quit flying over the back of all the greens. :) Glad its working out for you. Have fun out there.
  3. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I have found similar problems too... (Joking) I love the make up of the new Pro V1. I enjoyed the 2019 version too but this one is longer most of the time and the green side chips seem to spin more & check up verses my 2019's.
    I noticed a softer feel off the tee personally. The ball flight is right where I like it too.

    I vowed to not play the 2021 until my 2019's are gone, but I have plenty for when I do switch for good.

  4. Honestly, not much if any.

    In past years I have found Pro V1x just a tiny bit longer, maybe, off the driver than Pro V1. The 2021 versions seem equal to each other in distance off all the clubs.

    So maybe Pro V1 gained that couple yards of driver distance but it’s such a small difference it’s hard to say for sure.

    For a long time Pro V1/Pro V1x have seemed plenty long off the driver to me. I don’t think there was much room to improve and still be legal!

    But I definitely find 2021 Pro V1 holds firm greens better than any previous Pro V1 version. That along with the new, softer sound and feel makes it a big winner in my book. Nearly 50 rounds with it I’m totally pleased.
  5. Guy W

    Guy W
    Statesville, NC

    I have seen a little lower ball flight and about 10-15 yards on a well struck shot. I also like the spin on approach shots to the green. As soon as I finish off my AVX's, this is my ball of choice.
  6. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    I totally agree with you. I switched to the 2021 ProV1s and I've noticed massive improvements.
  7. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    If you asked me to explain the difference between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x all I can say is one has an x on it. I'm at a 16 index right now and probably average swing speed for someone in their mid 60's. Always liked the Bridgestone Tour B RX balls but lately I've been playing the Pro V1x and really liking it. Gained a little more distance and maybe a little higher ball flight. I have noticed that the ball seems to roll out more too. Most notable is a gain of about 10 yards on average with my irons. Really screwed up my yardages!!!
  8. CrazyGolfNut

    omaha, NE

    I thought it was just me. Yes, I am a little longer with the new Pro V1.
  9. Jon S

    Jon S
    Collinsville, CT

    First time out with the ProV1, I found a few things right away.

    1. Definitely felt softer
    2. Ridiculously good in the wind, to the point that the wind almost didn't move the ball at all. In fact, one hole was straight into the wind, and it had very little effect at all. Kind of shocking results.
    3. It really does seems longer. To the point that at first I thought maybe I should switch the the X to get more stopping power, but it was simply due to the ball being longer I need to expect a yard or two more on approaches from the fairway.

    Really great job creating the 2021 models.
  10. Jon S,

    Titleist sent me a sleeve of the 2021 Pro V1 to try back in January. I posted about my experiences on that thread here at the time.

    But your point about the wind is totally valid. The first day I went out to try it I played every shot side by side with the 2019 Pro V1x. On holes into the wind the difference was pretty unbelievable.

    A couple times I stopped and just hit all three of that sleeve of Pro V1 and then hit three Pro V1x. One hole was a very short Par 3 directly into about a 10-12mph breeze. With no wind it would be a full PW shot for me. Ball after ball the Pro V1 came up pin high or a few feet short. And ball after ball the Pro V1x came up like 10 yards short and landed in the front fringe.

    Not sure how they can even make a ball that totally ignores a 10mph headwind on a high PW shot but they've done it. I don't have any sort of "flighted" short iron swing so I need the ball to help me out when the wind picks up.
  11. Darren Y

    Darren Y
    Summerland, BC

    Love the new PROV1.... agree with somewhat extra length. Do love the lower ball flight I provides as well. Not much to not like about the ball. It is among the softest feeling ball I’ve hit for sure - so if you like a little harder feeling ball I would go to the V1X or even -V1X. I’m a believer in this iteration of the PROV1.... simply love it.
  12. The new Prov1 is the best all around ball i have ever played.....it "seems" longer to me, but i havent verified it against the 2019 version i used to play.

    People claiming 15 extra yards are probably going on what they THINK vs actual data....the ball wasnt designed to fly 15 yards further so its most likely not happening.....BUT if you play the LEFT DASH over last years prov1, i could see that.....the left dash is noticeably longer but very firm.....

    The 2021 Prov1 is outstanding. I didnt think they could mnake this ball better but Titleist did it. Kudos

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