Supply Chain Problems

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By Jay K

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  1. Jay K

    Jay K
    Orono, MN

    Why is it that my club is being told that Titleist Tour Range practice balls and Pro V1s are unavailable when your website is selling Pro V1s? Even the Scottsdale PHA Superstore is out of Pro V1s.

    Are you restricting sales to Clubs and retail outlets so you can enjoy the retai markup on your website?

    Not very good customer relationship management.

    If there are supply chain issues, try communicating the issue to consumers take care of your green grass accounts.

  2. Thomas Y

    Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

    Please be assured that green grass accounts (and probably big box accounts) are aware that Titleist Premium golf balls are on allocation and probably will be through 2022, at least. And, it apparently isn't just the premium balls (urethane covers) as apparently there is a shortage of surlyn as used on the performance balls. Not a great situation given the growth in golf since 2020 and the pandemic, but it's not just Titleist. Try buying range balls from any vendor; they just aren't available. This is just ugly for everyone, vendors included.

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