AVX vs Pro V1 For A Beginner

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By TDial

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  1. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    The comparison between AVX & Pro V1 seem similar and I am a newer golfer stuck in a hard spot. I play extra stiff irons (ball speed 125mph) and a driver ball speed 171mph. I get great height on my long balls (so ideally looking for a low to mid trajectory ball) but I need control/consistency/forgiveness more than anything. Other than continuing my mission to be a better golfer, what ball recommendations fit for me?

  2. Anthony C

    Anthony C
    Tinton Falls NJ

    Yo brotha, sounds like you are a good candidate for the AVX. What's your greenside and approach spin like?
  3. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    Green side spin surprises me how good it is (it just happens, not something I intentionally know I’m doing). If I run the green, it’s usually that I changed my swing. Approach has a good release and green side has a good bite. Height is plenty already also.
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Urethane tour balls are relatively equal for consistency and forgiveness. The Titleist options progress in firmness, launch, and spin from AVX through the V, X left dash, to the X. Like pro players, you need to find your window of launch and then try balls to match.
    If you are still slicing and losing too many balls, the ionomer balls like Velocity have both a lower price point and less tendency to spiral off course.
    Your choice of ball may change as you gain experience, but only X or AVX is not a typical recommendation for new golfers.
  5. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    Thank you sir! Since making this post I completed a virtual ball fitting with Titleist and essentially the exact same information came from it, so you’re spot on! They sent me the Velocity and Tour Speed to try out.
  6. Check on the website for recommendations regarding balls

    Always good to try some on the course to get the feel of what you like

  7. It really depends IMHO about three things, first do you need a little more distance off your irons? If so, AVX wins; second, the feel should be similar but try putting them and seeing if you notice any difference, if so that ball could be a better choice; and lastly, looking at the spin around greens they should be similar but try chipping and a couple sand shots to see if there any difference for you, if so that ball may be the winner. As you can, lots of variables and there is not always a clear winner. I believe it essentially comes down to distance with the AVX compared to the ProV1.

    Cheers, Chris
  8. TDial

    Weldon Spring, MO

    Well worded sir and thank you! I am now beginning the trial process for feel and control. I am fortunate that distance and height are consistently good for me, so I am focusing in on feel for the ball (putting, chipping, approach) as you mentioned and working from the green back to the tee instead of the reverse.

    Thank you all for the help and information!
  9. Any consideration of more economical alternatives as a new golfer? TruSpeed or TruSoft may suit you quite well as you get started in the game.
  10. The ProV1 is a great ball, but the AVX is easily my favorite. It carries a bit longer through the bag, and with it's slightly lower ball flight, it has more runout off of tee. It's the lowest spinning ball in the premium lineup but is not low spin by any means. Although backspin is certainly doable, it's more of a hit and stop or one hop and stop ball and has plenty of greenside spin. It's the softest ball in the premium lineup, which may be a consideration

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