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By Anthony W

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  1. Anthony W

    Anthony W
    Granbury, TX


    My son and I both recently switched to the Titleist Tour Speed ball and have experienced great success! He recently competed at the Under Armour World Championship in Orlando, FL and also won the North Texas Junior Tour title while using the Tour Speed ball all summer. He had more distance and much better control around the greens. Thank you Titleist!

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  2. Congrats! It looks like you may have a future tour player in your family!
  3. Cowger3

    Lake tapps, WA

    Congrats. Such a cool experience with your son!
  4. Fred L

    Fred L

    CONGRATS! Great family bonding!!
  5. Dan S

    Dan S
    Westchester, IL

    Congrats. It is a great ball, its my go-to when ProV1x are not on sale
  6. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Nice to have a good caddie on the bag that you can count on. Great wins for the son and glad that you guys are having such good results from the Tour Speed balls. I love the Prov1, but do recommend it highly to a number of friends. A super ball. Keep working hard, keep up the grades and get a scholarship to a power five school to play golf and we just might see him on the tour. A lot of great golf teams down here in the SEC. By the time he is ready, with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma, there is Alabama, Georgia, and Vanderbilt. CONGRATULATIONS.
  7. DonJ

    Cranston, RI

    Congrats nice going keep it up
  8. Rob R

    Rob R
    Chicago, IL

    Congratulations. Keep up the good playing and have fun.
  9. Great job with the prov1x yellow golf balls I would absolutely love to have some just an emmaculant ball
  10. JHamrick

    Hurricane, WV

    Tour Speed is my go to whenever I need something on the cheaper side. Get ball and I love the way it feels off the putter.
  11. Gsoup


    You look as proud as you should be. Keep up the bonding. Your son will never forget these times.
  12. al p

    al p
    vernon hills, IL

    Just found out that Tour Speed is no longer available. Is that true? What is the recommended replacement?
  13. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    The Tour Speed and Tour Soft origins lie in the older NXT ball. Titleist is just going back to a blended solution in the new Tour Soft. I would recommend giving it a try and if you still want a firmer feel, go with the Velocity or move up to the ProV1x. Hopefully you will like the results.
  14. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    According to the MSG guys, it appears Titleist is expanding Pro-V production for more Pro-V1x Left Dash and potentially the Pro-V1 left dot option. …Key word, potential. The AVX reformulation includes a TPU injection urethane cover that was used for the Tour Speed construction at Ball Plant #2. That frees up production capacity at Ball Plant #3. Just to note, that the injection process is the only similarity to the Tour Speed.

    Titleist is willing to compare Tour Soft against the competitors’ mid-range urethane balls (balls not intended for tour use) for feel and short game spin. I don’t think I can use other brand names here. I’ll need to see what the moderator’s Response would be. Both AVX and Pro-V1 are both alternatives for you to compare, in addition to Tour Soft. That is also 3 price points.
  15. Andrew F

    Andrew F
    Pueblo, CO

    I will use them in the winter and early spring when I have a chance to play. Great back up ball.
  16. I really like the tour speed. I hit them very well when I discovered them last summer and felt confident with them. Bummer they are gone. It was mentioned the tour soft is comparable, but am I going to lose a lot of spin in the short game? I guess the only way to know is to try them, just seeing what others would try.
  17. dan p

    dan p

    Just recently picked up a box of Tour Soft. Had been playing V1X. Am getting the same distance now and I am seeing a bit more higher flight. Spin is acceptable for me greenside. Good price; may be a keeper.
  18. Kevin W

    Kevin W
    Mendenhall, MS

    Love the Tour Soft. For me it’s just about the perfect golf ball.
  19. Jim V.

    Jim V.
    St. Marys, GA

    I believe the Tour Speed is no longer being manufactured.
  20. Disappointed that Tour Speed was discontinued. I am switching to either AVX or Pro V1 for now and may look around at other brands over the summer.

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