Watch: Golficity Tests the NEW 2024 AVX

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By Luke K., Titleist Staff

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  1. Incase you missed it, check out our friends Mike and Frank from Golficity as they test the NEW 2024 AVX on the course and hear directly from Brian Anderson, Manager of Titleist Golf Ball Fitting, how trusting the golf ball you play can improve your game. 

    2024 AVX is now available in golf shops worldwide and on

    Learn more here: 

  2. Fred L

    Fred L

    Love the AVX! Ordered the 2024 version.
  3. Excited about the expected feel. Very important. Folks don’t realize how feedback after the shot programs players pre-shot routine/execution for future shots. Living in Midwest keeping it low is a must. Glad to see some advancement made in this model.
  4. I was a white box tester. The following is what my feelings long before it was revealed the the test balls were a new AVX.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the testing of a prototype ball. For reference, my preferred ball is the Titleist AVX, although I sometimes play a Pro V1. Therefore, my experience and thoughts concerning the Feel, Distance, Spin and Control of the TEST ball are in reference to the performance I’m accustomed to while playing the 2023 Titleist AVX.

    (FEEL). I found the TEST ball to be very soft. (For reference, I’m 64 years old, 6 HDCP, Driver speed 100 mph). Off the driver the ball felt noticeably soft. I don’t consider its soft feel to be terribly negative. One of the reasons I prefer the AVX over PRO V1 is because I find is slightly softer. But in an effort to be exacting, the prototype was too soft for me off the driver. From 100 yards in its soft feel was much less disconcerting.

    (DISTANCE) I which I could be more exact on the subject of distance. I only played the prototype on the course with a temperature of roughly 70 degrees. I didn’t have the opportunity to hit the TEST ball in a simulator under controlled conditions. Therefore I don’t have any Trackman performance numbers as reference. That being the case, I didn’t notice any appreciable difference in distance with the TEST ball throughout my bag in comparison to the AVX I normally play. Again for reference: if pressed for an answer, I’d say I find the PRO V1 slightly longer than AVX off the tee with driver. And the AVX slightly longer in total distance off long and mid irons but only longer because I get a slightly more penetrating ball flight with more rollout. But from 100 yards in, I can’t really decipher any difference in on course performance. I believe I was getting a similar (slightly more penetrating) ball flight with the prototype ball that I get with AVX in comparison to PRO V1.

    (SPIN) Because I thought the test ball was particularly soft, I wasn’t expecting exceptional spin on short irons. That turned out not to be the case. I was getting tremendous spin performance hitting full swing sand wedge (90 yds.) from tight fairway lies. I dropped all 3 prototype balls several times throughout my round and hit full P wedge (44 degree T100S) full gap & sand wedge, and every time I struck the test balls well, spin performance was excellent with sand wedge shots frequently backing up.

    (CONTROL) To be more exacting, I feel I’d need more than 1 sleeve to assess control more objectively. I’d like the opportunity to hit 10 drives in succession while trying to intentionally shape a shot etc. while I have the ability to shape a shot, my talent/ability to do so is hardly precise enough to make absolute claims about the prototype ball. That being understood: I definitely got the impression the ball was getting less side spin off my driver face while I was trying to intentionally draw the ball. It just seemed to want to fly straight and somewhat resisting my efforts. This baffles me to some degree. I say that because I was getting plenty of ball spin off short irons. So why did seem somewhat resistant to accept spin off my driver?

    Positive Aspects
    Consistent positive feedback on the prototype’s distance off the tee, especially for seniors and slower swing speed players.
    Outstanding spin, particularly around the greens, was a notable feature for many testers.
    Several users liked the soft feel of the ball.
    There is considerable interest in the Prototype ball once available at retail. Several will look to use it in regular play, especially after their long-term testing.
  5. michael b

    michael b
    penn valley, CA

    Another Titleist improvement. Just cannot go wrong with your choice of Titleist balls
  6. Great ball excellent feel and performance!
  7. I understand that Titleist has change the AVX cover to a TPU cover from the prior generation's cast urethane cover. Also the AVX is now being produced in Ball Plant 2 instead of Ball Plant 3. That would seem to make the new ball a decedent of the just retired Tour Speed rather than the previous generation AVX. While the price was reduced by $5, it's still $10 higher than the Tour Speed. Can Titleist please explain why the new AVX is not just a reformulated and rebranded Tour Speed?
  8. JAM


    I think the current AVX is excellent. My guess is the new AVX may offer improvements my game will not notice. I wish we could customize the number like the V models.
  9. Bentron

    Fort Worth, Tx

    Putted and hit shots on a sim today with an AVX, I think i found my new ball!
  10. Been a Prov player for years. Picked up my first dozen of AVX 2023. Maybe feels a little harder but performance is good also a very durable ball. Three rounds still looks good… GT in AZ
  11. Like the 2023 AVX. Looking forward to trying the new one.
  12. Bandit

    VA. Beach, VA

    What is the compression of the new AVX golf balls?
  13. I’ve been playing the AVX for about a year now - and I love the feel and performance. I just ordered some customized 2024s and can’t wait to get them to test against the previous model. Great balls!
  14. Jim V.

    Jim V.
    St. Marys, GA

    Played the new AVX today. Longer than previous version. I like the feel.

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