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By JWitucki

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  1. What swing speed is need to compress the AVX golf ball?

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Compression was an issue back in the wound ball days. Every ball compresses and every player hits different shots at different speeds, everything from a full out driver to a half-wedge pitch shot. You really need to look at what characteristics you need in a ball and choose based on that. AVX is a soft feeling ball but also a very low spin ball that has a lower overall trajectory. If you struggle with hitting it high enough or keeping shots on the green, you might be better off with a ball like ProV1x. You will find golfers playing every model ball with significantly different swing speeds. Get a sleeve and try them out and see if they perform the way you want them to, based on your own game. Good luck and enjoy.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    While other brands attach compression numbers to swing speeds, Titleist reminds us that every ball has to perform at any club speed - the doesn’t care if the driver whacks it at 123 mph or a wedge at 72 mph.

    AVX is the lowest compression - softest feel urethane ball from Titleist. But my swing speed tops out at 85 mph and the X gives me the potential to score on approach shots with a steeper descent angle. For me, I lose distance with the AVX and not getting enough launch. That’s why Titleist offers 7 lines.

    It is true that higher swing speeds need a certain amount of compression. Too low will over compress and distort flight. Players with speeds under 90 mph driver speeds won’t be limited against the softest, lowest compression balls.

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