Which golf ball do you use in the winter?

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By Arne D

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  1. I prefere a softer ball to create more spin in the winter

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Surprise AZ

    Actually, the ProV1x is the firmest Titleist ball but has the highest spin rates. The AVX has the softest feel but has the lowest spin rates. If feel on short shots is your priority, pick the ball that feels best to you and adjust your landing spots for the spin difference. If hight and spin is your priority, play ProV1x and just get used to the firmer feel. Titleist ball experts also recommend sticking with the same ball year-round and making adjustments to club selection and shot shapes as conditions change. Makes sense to me as I never see pros change their ball type for different tournaments and many will say that the ball is their most important priority and least likely piece of equipment that they will change. Hope you find the solution that works best for you.
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Prov1 the year round, see no reason to change. Titleist showed me the way many years ago.
  4. Dan S

    Dan S
    Westchester, IL

    Exactly how I feel.
  5. Dan S

    Dan S
    Westchester, IL

    Chuck Z said:

    Prov1 the year round, see no reason to change. Titleist showed me the way many years ago.

    Exactly how I feel.
  6. dan p

    dan p

    Check out the Tour Soft. Recently did and was very impressed.
  7. Jon T

    Jon T
    Iowa City / Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    As a cold weather player, I keep the same ball - ProV1. You'll have to adjust yardage based on air density, temperature effects on gear, and added layers(i.e. colder=shorter).

    If the feel is something you are looking to try to keep consistent, try keeping a couple balls in your pockets to elevate the temperature and rotate them in and out. It won't feel like a 90° day, but it also won't feel like teeing up a rock either. The coldest temps I played this last year was 34°, and the ProV1 stayed in my bag. I won't play another ball!
  8. J.C.


    Don't really change golf balls just adjust for winter yardages and conditions
  9. JThompson

    Nicholasville, KY

    AVX is a super soft ball that creates great results year round. cant beat it in my opinion. switching to that ball i went from a 14 to 7 handicap last summer alone
  10. Apollo

    South Easton

    Pro V1 rain or shine unless I can get my hands on the Left Dash easier now than it was in the past
  11.  Zach Jerson

    Zach Jerson

    I use pro v1 all year round. Don't ever change for winter.
  12. mike

    plymouth, NC

    I stick with ProV1 and occasionally a 1x depending on what course I’m playing as my local course still has greens that are still hard to hold in the winter. Here in eastern North Carolina, this time of year it may be in the 30’s to 40’s one day but three days later it may be in the 60’s to low 70’s. I also do what Jon T. recommend and rotate 3 balls from pocket to play. I tried going to softer compression balls in winter but found it affected my short game too much, playing the same ball took guesswork out chipping and pitching and stayed consistent.
  13. I use ProV1X year round. Think of trying the left dash but it’s hard to not tee up what I know works best for my.
  14. Military
    same for me, I use the pro v1 year round
  15. JYoung


    I play ProV1x year around also.
  16. Military
    I use PV1x in spring thru fall, and PV1 in the winter. Softer and fights the wind better.
  17. In the winter, I still use the Pro V1. It still preforms, softness, carry and spin.
  18. colin b

    colin b

    Same ball all year round - ProV1x
  19. Courses get so boggy here in the uk so I tend to change to a cheaper ball in the winter, ball have a tendency to disappear just off the fairway ‍♂️
  20. I use the winter time to experiment and try new things and that includes balls. I am a low handicapper, I will switch between ProV1, ProV1X, and AVX.
  21. This has always been a hot topic, I asked the ball guru at Titleist that is the lead on development and he commented that we should just play our normal ball....I was surprised!

  22. Patrick B

    Patrick B
    Centreville, VA

    ProV1 year round. Previous year until I run out and then current model. I was reading an article the other day about “best overall players golf ball”. I think it was My Golf Spy…. Anyway, they rated the 2021 ProV1 higher than all years after. Not sure I can recall much of a difference. They seem to perform the same if not a bit better each year. Would be fun to compare
  23. DonJ

    Cranston, RI

    I don't play much winter golf my body can't take it but when I do I use the same ball I use in the summer
  24. I typically use a prov1 but have found the avx to perform better for me in very windy conditions so always carry a couple in the bag in readiness for these conditions
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