Can anyone ID this ball? (EXP-01)?

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By DMurasky

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  1. Came across this ball while cleaning out an old bag. I’ve never had a chance to be a ball tester so must have picked this up along the way. Anyone know which test ball this turned out to be?

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  2. I do not recall any test balls with this I have tested over the years however EXP 01 seems like a test logo at some point just like test irons that have a similar name.

    Good Luck!
  3. Guy W

    Guy W
    Statesville, NC

    I'm pretty sure I remember a discussion about this ball a couple years ago. Think it may have been the Tour Speed prototype. Not positive though. I could be wrong.
  4. Bomber3

    Lake St Louis, MO

    That is the precursor to the Tour Speed. It had a limited release in late 19.
  5. Joseph R

    Joseph R
    Pacific North West

    I have never seen this ball but I get a little suspicious when I see the Titleist logo that bold on a ball. I have seen a few counterfeit balls with that as a sign.
  6. Carter E

    Carter E
    B.C. Canada

    I believe this was an "experimental" ball released by titleist with 01 being the first version.

    From my understanding, The ball was released by titleist to gather feedback, similar to the white sleeve program but a larger scale.

    After countless golfers had the chance to play and provide feedback titleist released the Tour Speed ball that we know today. However, the tour speed is not a carbon copy of the EXP-01. Titleist did make some changes but the 3 layered construction and TPU covering found in the EXP-01 largley stayed the same. These were then implemented in the Tour Speed. The 3 layer construction is similar to some of Titleist's top preforming golf balls BUT with some modifications to increase ball speed in the layer under the TPU.

    The TPU construction underwent dozens (perhaps more) of tweaks and was designed to provide the desired performance at a more inviting cost prior to the release.

    Will we ever know the full sotry behind EXP-01? perhaps not. But the name EXP-"01" may suggest that we could see further releases of diffrent EXP variations throught time.

    Again, this is to the best of my understanding and im certainly not an expert, but I hope this helps.
  7. Aaron G

    Aaron G
    Falls Church, VA

    Like Carter said, the EXP 01 was an experimental ball that Titleist sold through retail stores on a limited run. Lessons learned from that lead to the Tour Speed:

    From that article, it sounds like a large part of this test was to see how the new TPU cover Titleist was working with would be received by golfers.
  8. Yes I have seen these before. Legit, but rare. Not sure how good they are.
  9. What was an experimental ball they made with a new cover. That was available for purchase. I bought a dozen. Came in a white box
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