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By Andrew M

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  1. I have never bought x outs. What's the difference between those and the actual balls
  2. Jeff P

    Jeff P
    Rollinsford, NH

    My understanding is an "x-out" or "practice" ball is a ball that has aesthetic issues; i.e., bad logo printing or a ball with minor surface issues, essentially making the ball a "second." 

    Other than that, I believe the actual x-out ball is still the same ball as the regular "full-price" balls. I've used "x-outs" as practice balls and have not noticed a performance difference between balls. If you ever go to the range at a PGA tour event you'll notice that the all the balls in use at the tournament are marked "practice."

    One other note: since this ball is flagged somewhere during the production cycle, these are not "legal" in actual tournament play. So if you choose to use these balls, save them for practice only.

    Perhaps Titleist could shed a bit more information on both "x-out" or "practice" balls?

  3. Team Titleist Staff

    Hi guys,

    Here is a little more info to help shed a little light.

    As you know, we invest significant time and effort to ensure that our products are Best-in-Class in terms of quality, performance and consistency. As such, in the rare event one of our products fails to meet USGA requirements for size, weight, velocity or any other conformance criteria we destroy rather than market such products.

    As such, only products that are of a minimal defect are available for purchase. These products are available in two offerings:

    1. Pro V1 Practice golf balls are conforming products that differ only due to a cosmetic blemish such as paint, ink or registration of stamping. Pro V1 Practice golf balls do not have any construction or performance deficiencies.

    2. Pro V1 X-Out golf balls are also conforming products. However, they usually have a cosmetic blemish and/or occasionally have a minor physical defect that should not significantly affect its performance. More often than not, the physical condition causing the ball to be stamped as an X-Out is so minute that it is not recognizable by the player.

    Both products may be used in the casual round of golf including those with scores posted for handicaps, and most competitions, with the possible exception of high level competitions invoking the Local Rule requiring balls to be on the List of Conforming Golf Balls. Please refer to the USGA Official Rules on the subject listed below for your reference:

    Q: May I use a ball stamped with "Practice" or "X-Out" to play a round of golf?

    A: Our present policy provides that if the List of Conforming Golf Balls or the One Ball Condition is in effect, a practice or logo ball may be used provided the other markings on the ball (i.e., pole and seam) correspond exactly to a ball listing on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls. Balls labeled with ''PRACTICE'' or a circled ''P'', are essentially treated as a logo ball (such as a Mickey Mouse emblem). A player's name stamped on the ball is also acceptable. However, the original ball markings (i.e., pole and seam markings) must be readable in order for a Rules Official to determine whether that ball is on the List of Conforming Golf Balls. X-Out balls are not permitted to be used in any competition in which the List of Conforming Golf Balls or the One Ball Condition is in effect. However, if neither of these Conditions are in effect, X-Out balls may be used because all balls are presumed to conform unless they have been tested and found not to conform or are obviously non-conforming (e.g., too small or too heavy). (See Decisions 5-1/4 and US/5-1/101).

    As a result of the potential for an X-Out to be non-conforming if tested, we do not recommend using this model during tournament play.

    I hope this helps provide some more clarification. Thanks!

  4. Jeff P

    Jeff P
    Rollinsford, NH

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for the clarification on this.

    This is great information for up-and-coming players who may be on a tight budget. As I'm sure you'll agree, it's essential to use the same ball in practice as you do in competition.


  5. Eduardo D

    Eduardo D
    Parkland, FL

    Not sure if this was the case before but on my most recent Pro V1 Practice purchase I noticed the balls are coming from the Titleist Thailand ball plant.  The retail Pro V1 are still coming from the US based plants.  Not sure if this was always the case or a recent change.

  6. Team Titleist Staff

    Eduardo D said:

    Not sure if this was the case before but on my most recent Pro V1 Practice purchase I noticed the balls are coming from the Titleist Thailand ball plant.  The retail Pro V1 are still coming from the US based plants.  Not sure if this was always the case or a recent change.

    Hi Eduardo,

    Thanks for the post. Titleist practice balls are made at all of our golf ball manufacturing facilities including Golf Ball Plant #2 (located in North Dartmouth, Mass.), Golf Ball Plant #3 (located in New Bedford, Mass.) and Golf Ball Plant #4 (located in Thailand).

    The distribution of practice golf balls from our manufacturing facilities can vary for different reasons including the geographic location of their final destination. The important note to keep in mind is that all Titleist golf balls are made by Titleist employees at Titleist owned and operated facilities. And all products meet our stringent guidelines for quality assurance. I hope this helps. 



  7. Fred Closs

    Fred Closs
    Denton, TX

    Mike, I just heard that all ProV1's are now made in Thailand. Is there any truth to that rumor?

  8. Stephan T

    Stephan T
    Centennial, CO

    I tried to buy Titleist Pro V1 golf balls at several locations over the past two years including the Army Navy Country Club in Northern Virginia, Golf Exchange and Golf Galaxy in Cincinnati, and most recently at the PGA Super Store in Denver. Each time I could not find one box of Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls made in the USA. I'm disappointed Titleist built a golf ball manufacturing facility in Thailand. My current golf ball is the Bridgestone B330-RX - made in Covington, GA. 

  9. rymail00

    plattsburgh, NY

    Mike D,

    The other day at our Dick's Sporting Goods they were selling Pro V1 X-Outs with the 2014 grey arrow on the side. I looked inside the box and noticed that every ball had either a dot or + stamped either before Pro V1, or after Pro V1.

    What's the difference between the dot and the +?

    Post Image
    Post Image
  10. DParra13

    Tulsa, OK

    I also purchased some 2014 ProV X-Outs at Dick's Sports with the marking "ProV1x+". From other posts I've read, I believe these are what a lot of the tour pro's use and that they're a version of the ProV1x that has a little more spin and higher flight than the regular retail version. Not sure what the dot denotes, but it is on the USGA list of conforming balls.

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