Scotty Cameron "First of 500" Putters

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By Tim T

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  1. Tim  T

    Tim T
    Pella, IA

    Is the "First of 500" more of a prestige or collectors play versus anything to do with differences in putters?  I have noticed that the "First of 500" in the new California line are about $100 over regular retail and was curious to know if there is any added benefit outside of that title on the putters.




  2. Ben B

    Ben B
    Easton, PA

    I had the same question. Hopefully someone 'in the know' will explain.

  3. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    First of 500 demand the most premium when they are released however over time the premium slowly diminishes...I think if you want one of these for collectable purposes I would look towards a Limited Edition putter like the Jet Setter or My Girl that is out now...

    IMHO, Chris

  4. Cameron D

    Cameron D
    Newport, RI


    There is nothing different about the "First of 500" putters other than they have that engraved on the sole and they are 34" Heavy models of each California model.



  5. Tim  T

    Tim T
    Pella, IA


  6. Just means that putter was 1 of the first 500 produced in that model

    "1st run putters were the same as the 1st issue putters meaning they were 1st off the production line. Another term to describe the 1st putters in the production series."

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