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By Carlo Angelo

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  1. Carlo Angelo

    Carlo Angelo
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    I would like to get some facts regarding leaving clubs in high and low temperature.  What are the effects of heat and cold on golf clubs?  Like when you store your clubs in the basement or garage? (Which I don't, mine stays in the living area which irritates my wife).  How about when you leave your clubs in the trunk of your car (while at work), during winter league days? And especially during summer when it gets very hot inside the car? 

    Will it affect the clubs performance? Would like get some feedback on this.

    What about inventing a blanket for clubs/ storage bag, one that will help against exposure to extreme temp...Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea...


  2. Christian J

    Christian J
    Griswold, IA

    Take that idea and run Carlo, you might just make millions!  I left my clubs in my trunk all summer, probably not the best idea, but  I haven't noticed anything that has affected the clubs.  I have heard though that you shouldn't leave your clubs in areas of greater exposure to heat such as your trunk.  Your blanket idea might just be perfect for us.

  3. Carlo Angelo

    Carlo Angelo
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Hahahaha... I'm off to the PTO then... there should be a study first that it is bad to leave clubs in the trunk.  R&D division needed!!!

    As for my experience, the most affected are the grips.  They're too hard when cold.  When exposed to heat, not much difference but I guess that's where the deterioration will start.

  4. Ken W

    Ken W
    Baltimore, MD

    It would likely take years to affect performance and this would only be in steel shafted clubs. They might become stiffer. The shafts might also become more brittle due to interior rust oxidation. While still uncommon, the only thing I see due to clubs being subject to extremes in hot, cold, and humidity is heads or ferrules becoming loose. The expansion, contraction, and moisture can occasionally weaken the epoxy bond prematurely. Something to keep in mind but nothing to obsess about. Excellent question!

  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I got a new set of AP1s just after New Year 2012.  Kept the clubs in the trunk through the rest of the Wisconsin winter in case I might hit a heated driving shed.  Kept them in the trunk for the Women's Open at Kohler.  Each day was 100 and on the third day I played at Whistling Straits (day off as a volunteer) and the head on the eight iron flew off.  I have a finished basement (garage is not heated) and the set lives down there.  If I carry them in the car, I put them inside the car if I don't need to secure them in the trunk.  

  6. Carlo Angelo

    Carlo Angelo
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Bummer on the 8i... hope you recovered it and had it fixed. Maybe a little more TLC is needed with your clubs.

    By the way, have you ever played Door Creek in Cottage Grove, kinda near Madison?  Would appreciate a feedback. Thanks.

    Stay warm! 


  7. Carlo Angelo

    Carlo Angelo
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    I agree that it will take time before it affects the clubs.  And the temperature would have to be really extreme and exposure very long!!!  Such as "liquid nitrogen cold" and "casting iron hot"... 

    I worry about the grips, the condition it will be in as soon as you pull it put and play.  And graphite shafts, won't they warp  or affect the flexibility (extra firm when cold or flexy when hot).

  8. Tom W

    Tom W
    Nazareth, PA

    Leaving the clubs in extreme temps will affect the grips more than anything - too hot will cause them to break down and can twist while you are swinging....too cold can cause them to become too slick and dry them out causing them to crack.  Either way not a good idea to leave them in extreme temps for an extended period.

    Hope this helps


  9. Mark F

    Mark F
    Greenville, SC


    I don't have any specific knowledge of the performance of my clubs due to extreme weather.  I used to live in Wisconsin and obviously didn't play in the winter so I stored the clubs in the basement with no noticeable issues.  But I used to keep them in my car trunk all summer whether I played or not.  Again, no issues.  However, I did read an article in one of the golf magazines a long time ago that said that leaving clubs in the trunk during the hot summer months could make the epoxy that holds on the heads softer and thus it would be possible to alter the position of the head in relation to the usual gripping location if you were to hit the ball off-center or bang the clubs while taking them out of the car etc..  I'm sure that there have been great strides in epoxy making since then, but I thought I'd share what I read.  I keep mine in the house (though not in the living area) just in case.

    Mark F

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