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By Adam H

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  1. Adam H

    Adam H
    Marietta, Ohio

    Hey all, hope the season is treating you all well. Got out to play today, and took my old 905r just for something different. I normally game the 915 D3, 8.5*, my old 905r is 7.5* with the Graffaloy Blue shaft. I can't believe how well that driver still plays! I think I hit it a slight bit further than my 915, not as accurate, but long! Anyone still gaming a 905? I remember I always used to think it was the greatest driver ever created, and today, I think that again, lol. Here's to Titleist, making the best equipment in golf!

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  2. Bill

    Walla Walla, WA

    I use a 905R. I also have a 7.5 as pictured. I wish I could fine one with a stock Titleist 4560 stiff. I keep looking on ebay. I have never found an adjustable driver I like.
  3. Still pounding the 905r stiff v2 shaft!! Nothing locally can hang with it!!! 10years in the bag & still rolling!!!
  4. Don K

    Don K
    Louisville, KY

    That is what I am hitting too Gregory. Great club
  5. I am an old school type hitting titleist 905r and 909 fairways. What titleist iron set would compliment my game? I currently hit wilson fatshaft irons. (The 2nd version) technically fsIl just before deep red came out

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