AP1 716 or AP2 716

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By Burdette N

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  1. Burdette N
    Fremont, OH

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    Hi, I have a problem. I play the ap2 714 before I went with the ap1 716. I thought I may need a little extra forgiveness. I miss my ap2 irons. I am seriously thinking about getting the ap2 iron set. My ball striking improve when using the ap2. I love the feel and ball flight I got with these irons. Don't get me wrong the ap1 is a nice iron. they are longer and my ball striking went down hill. Am I crazy or game improvement irons wrong for me?

  2. T W

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    No, you are not crazy. Not the best ball striker, but I tend to favor smaller more precise head of the AP2. I feel as if the AP1 is great for advancing the ball down the fairway but harder to attack flags. Also too much club/turf interaction has a tendency to make me less precise.

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