2 T-MB or 818H?

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By Chris M

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  1. Chris M

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    I'm playing a 3 T-MB, which I hit very clean and precise. The next club in my bag is a 915H 2, with which I'm less happy than with the iron

    Since I'm thinking of putting a 2 T-MB in my bag instead, I was wondering if anyone of you already made the same move and if you have any suggestions

  2. Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

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    Go with the T-MB 2 iron. They're the best long irons out there period.
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    Yep, dropped my 3 iron out for a 2 T-MB. I've got a set of C16's on order and the 4 iron is 22 deg, so the gapping isn't too far. I've also dropped my hybrid to add another wedge.
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    I recently got 718ap Pw- 4i but got ap3 3i they are all 2 degrees strong. The 3i is now 17 degrees I use it more off the tee it is soooo long and very forgiving,very easy to hit.

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