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By Chris M

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  1. Chris M

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    I was wondering why many of the tour pros are using the AP2 irons, instead of CB CB have almost the same forgivness as AP2 (not that the pros are hitting them outside the sweet spot too much) and shot-shaping is easier

    Any idea?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    The added forgiveness may be important when they aren't in a fairly level area of the fairway. I just appreciate that Titleist makes so many lines with consistent designs so there is one for me. There's likely not one reason in common why they do select the AP2, but at that level, I'd assume they have tried most lines to decide on the AP2. But there are those that use CB and MB as well. Saving 2-3 strokes over a 4 day tournament is huge at the PGA pay days. It doesn't have to be much of a difference to prefer one over the other.
  3. Trevor D
    Bragg Creek,

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    It's a weird phenomenon because the CB's are so good. I played them for years with no complaints. I actually like them more than the AP2's and I certainly like the look a lot more. As fas as a players cavity they hold their own against anything on the market.

    If I'm gonna guess though, I'd bet that Titleist would push guys more towards the AP2 for its new tech appeal, which I'm also guessing would sell a little better. CB's have been around a long time and with the CB being a little more of an older, simple looking design, they may be losing marketing appeal?
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    Granted I've gone from 17 year old CB's to 718 AP2's so I can't speak knowledgeably on newer CB's or on what individual pros find, but it seems like the leading edge of these AP2's interacts better with the ground. Not sure that's a huge concern for higher level players but I've found it quite nice.

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