Low Handicappers playing AP1?

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By Nicholas H

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  1. I've been on the fence recently about going to more of a game improvement iron. I currently play the 716 mb and play to a 1 handicap which is my lowest since college days. I spend what little practice time I have working on my short game and it's been great this year. If there's any room for improvement it would be starting at 150 and out. I feel like my short irons are pretty solid but once I get a 6/7 or higher in my hands the percentages drop pretty quick.

    My club has the trial sets of the AP1 and AP3 which I'll be taking out on the course over the next few weeks but I wanted to hear if anyone has made the switch from a more traditional "player's iron" to say the AP1. I've hit the AP1 on the range only but was really impressed. I was able to flight the 8-iron nearly identical to my MB 7-iron and I was tremendously more consistent with the AP1 5-iron. As practice time gets less and less I wonder if I'm throwing some shots away just due to equipment.

    Thanks for the input!

  2. I would say get the CB or AP2. Personally going from an MB to AP1 visually would throw me off. I don't think i would ever get used to such a thick top line. I would say go get fit for irons, I hit the 712 AP2 now and i actuality hit the new AP2 and other "game improvement" clubs worse then i hit blades. I hit the CB the best out of any club they put me in.
  3. Dr. Kovatchian

    Dr. Kovatchian

    Combo Set 3-5i AP3's...6-PW AP2's.

    Currently I'm playing 714 AP2's and still happy.

    Dr. K
  4. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    Don't let any pride or ego get in the way. There are many low, scratch and professional players using AP1's. Use what feels good to you and what performs for you. Remember the Arnie commercials, "....swing your swing". If it works for you and feels good, put 'em in the bag and enjoy.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    There have been PGA players - I think Ian Poulter or Zack Johnson may have, that have used the AP1s for longer irons along with their AP2s. The AP3s will be a good starting point for longer irons, but working with a fitter to help you decide on AP2 or AP3, or even AP1. In my mind, the end game is to be able to be consistent with every club in the bag. If you like the setup and the shot result with the AP1, why not? Most MB players tend to feel the AP1 may be too "chunky" at setup or find it is not flexible enough for shot shaping.
  6. JAM


    FYI, in case you are not aware, the AP1 8 iron is one degree stronger than your MB 7 iron. It would be interesting to see the results if you bent your MB 7 iron one degree strong making it the equivalent of the AP1 8 iron loft.

  7. nate l

    nate l
    lees summit, MO

    Nothing wrong with AP1s, might have to do some wedge adjustments. If you like the way they look over the ball and they preform then I say go for it! BTW I am 2 and am probably going to end up with AP3. Spin numbers and decent were better with the 3's for me.
  8. Rooster

    West Wareham, MA

    Why not create a combo set. This is why Titleist sells per iron. You can now have in your bag clubs that you have the upmost confidence in. Imagine where that can take your game...
  9. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    Try to not pick your irons by splitting them into "players" and " game improvement" buckets. Get together with a good fitter and put the clubs in your bag that give you the best opportunity to shoot low scores. It sounds like it may be a mixed set for you. Nothing wrong with mixing irons, I do a lot of fittings that end with mixed sets.
  10. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L
    Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

    In the past I moved from blades into AP1's and although I'm nowhere near as low a handicap as yourself I definitely saw an improvement especially with the longer irons.

    Maybe you could keep the blade irons in the higher lofts and then get AP1 or AP3 in the longer irons to match in with your gapping.

    Enjoy testing them out. The AP3's look awesome and feel awesome from the few hits I've had of them!!
  11. Paul C

    Paul C

    If you crrently have a players iron but are looking for more distance and accuracy at those lengths the AP3's wouold be just the ticket, going on the brief of the model you would be it's exact target market.
    The looks and almost feel of the players iron with the length and forgiveness of the game improvement iron.
    The lofts are stonger than the AP2's but about 1 degree weaker than the AP1.
    The look of it is amazing as you stand over the ball and wow does it fly of the face, as a 1 handicapper you will still be able to work the ball too which I suspect is a big part of your game.
    Good luck with your choice - I doubt you will disappointed with either.
  12. Nicholas, I currently play 716 Ap1’s and play to a 4 handicap. I can still shape the ball how I want and the forgiveness they have gives me more confidence in my shots. Everyone is different in their setup. I play what gives me my best scoring opportunities. I know a lot of low handicappers that play the AP1’s.
  13. Ive been playing the 716 AP1s for 3 weeks and my hdcp is plummeting. The struggle Im having is shsping shots with these irons. Its go big or nothing. Cant seem to get small fades or draws with these.
  14. Daniel M

    Daniel M
    knoxville, TN

    Nicholas I went from miz blades (MP33) to split cavity (MP59) to AP3's and haven't looked back.
  15. Fred C

    Fred C
    Mansfield, TX

    I played the AP1 (3-P) set for a couple of years thinking the same as you. I'm considering a combo" set with AP1 4-5-6 and AP2/3 7-P along 818 hybrid 19 degree with Vokey wedges. This might a good option for you as well. One thing - get fitted for the correct shafts.
  16. Gary D

    Gary D
    Cranston, RI

    Try a set of AP1's and AP2's. Use the AP2's for 6-PW and the AP1's for 3-5. Take advantage of the technology. The AP2's would be an easier transition from Blades and the AP1's would give you the game improvement you seek in the mid to long irons. You very well may end up with overlap between the two, ie: you could end up with two 5 irons or two 6 irons due to the difference in lofts between the two sets.
  17. I went to a fitting last fall and had the same experience. I play old 990s And love the look and feel. But the fitter was leaning toward the ap1 for me. I hit them great but the size kind of through me. I also hit the cb well and will try them again in the spring and probably pick them up. But I have considered combo with higher irons ap1 and mid to low cb. Good luck
  18. Seems like the AP3 might be a good fit. Game improvement characteristics, but a smaller head; which would be more similar to the visual you are familiar with. Best of luck finding the right match!
  19. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Agree with all the comments above, mixed sets are great options. Get fit and don't rule out the 718 T-MB for your long irons and 718 MB for the short irons.
  20. If PGA Tour pros put AP3 long irons and hybrids in their bags, then certainly there is no shame to play AP1 even for a scratch golfer. If Jordan Spieth would hit better AP1 than any club he has in his bag, he would change it in a moment.

    Play whatever gives you the best results and especially best fun on the course... And from your description it seems that AP1 from 6i up would not be a bad idea for sure... Maybe try also AP2 and AP3 how different they play...
  21. Hi - I hear what you say - big dilemma - but a good one to have.
    Your problem is moving from arguably moving from the best looking irons on the planet - to one that performs better. Performance wins every time.
    But you still need to like the club - as this breeds confidence.

    So it's down to looks or personality ha ha

    Good Luck

  22. All, thanks for all the inputs. It's always great to hear real life experiences. I was able to work with my pro for a bit this week and he suggested leaving the MBs in for the 7-9. I keep track of my stats through a strokes gained app and looking at those numbers he didn't want to mess with inside 150. I could use a little help from 150+, especially from non tee/fairway lies. He is suggesting 4-6 in the CB but unfortunately he doesn't the CB to test. Most people who have hit both say there is a noticeable difference between the CB/MB in the long irons.


    Can my shop get a demo CB 5-iron if I have them call and request?

    Thanks again TT!
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