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By Elzookbo

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    After playing miz for 10 years I bought a set of jpx900 forged 6 months ago. I then switched to ap 1 a month ago. After 4 rounds I shot my personal best of -1. I also switched putters to an oddesey 9 oworks from a Scotty.....sorry. But if u are looking for irons for any handicap this is the best on the market. I have hit a lot and these are great. If u are looking for irons look no further than the 718 ap1.

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    That is music to my ears elzookbo, I got fitted and ordered 718 ap1’s 2 months ago, just picked them up 3 weeks ago but have yet to play a round with them, so looking forward to it when the weather picks up a bit here, so I can try them out, I’m chuffed for you that ur game has improved due to these fantastic clubs
  3. Ronald H
    Meridian Idaho

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    I too switched from miz's to titleist 718 AP1's. I must say I am impressed and they are long. I took a chance and put the Tensei Red graphite shafts on them instead of steel, OMG the feel is out of this world. The only thing I hate is having to deal with the wife as these clubs make me want to golf a lot more.

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