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By Randy W

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    I was fit for AP3’s on December 15th and ordered that day with Project X Lz shafts from Golf Galaxy in Missouri. Clubs will be shipped to Iowa. I have heard Titleist closes over the holidays, so I was curious when I might be receiving my order. At temps fro -18 to 5 degrees, I want to be certain they are not left outside. Any information would be appreciated.

  2. Michael L
    Newtown, PA

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    I'm in a similar situation. I placed an order for AP3 irons with KBS tour V shafts on December 15th from here in PA. I havent received any information as to a delviery date yet either. The waiting is the hardest part!
  3. Rex F
    Frankfort, KY

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    I ordered AP3 yesterday. Am also curious about a delivery time frame ? Can anyone help us out. BTW I ordered the standard stiff AMT black S300.
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    I received a UPS shipment notification yesterday, Jan 2,2018 and the clubs arrived today Jan 3, 2018. I also received an email from Titleist that my order had been shipped later yesterday. Happy to get them today. Titleist response time to this posting was great. They looked up my order and gave me the update. Thanks Titleist!
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    Hi, When you place an order through your pro shop and they place it with us, we give them an approximate ship date based on the components of your order. Due to the holiday, we just reopened at full capacity Tuesday and assuming all components (shaft, grip, etc) are in stock, orders should ship in about 5 business days. As we work through the backlog, this time should drop to 3-4 days.
    Check with your pro shop for any updates.
  6. Rex F
    Frankfort, KY

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    Thanks Cathi you as usual are awesome !
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    Rex F said:

    Thanks Cathi you as usual are awesome !

    Hi Rex, I don't know whether your pro shop told you but the AMT Black S300 shafts are backordered right now. We are looking at about 2 weeks - hopefully less, though.
  8. Rex F
    Frankfort, KY

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    No they did not...Oh well it is -3 here this AM. Planning a golf trip in early February hopefully will have them by then. Thanks for the update Cathi ! :)
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    Hi Rex, Not good news. We are still waiting on these shafts. I don't know when your trip is scheduled, but hopefully not for another week or so.

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